Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Day

We had a long day.... Kyle woke up a little after 5:00 am and Emily woke up a little after 6:00 am. The kiddos both came to bed with us when they woke up... and we all got out of bed a little before 7:00 am.

We celebrated Christmas as a family here at home. Brent read the Christmas story from Luke and acted it out with the kids' naivety set. Emily and Kyle sort of paid attention... and sort of played with Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus. The opened their presents from us (some books). One of the teens in our youth group made them stuffed elephants, which they opened as well.

After we were done with our own celebration and got everything ready, we headed to Grandma and Grandpa Franks' house.

When we got to Grandma and Grandpa's house, we kept the kids out of the living room and ate breakfast. After breakfast, Emily and Kyle were very excited to go into the living room and open presents!

Kyle enjoyed helping Grandma open her presents too!

Emily pretty much opened her presents... and played with her stroller...

Emily and Kyle got a tool bench. I'm pretty sure it will compete with their new kitchen for their favorite new toy!

They got a fire truck with a jaws of life in it.

The kiddos their tool bench, a stroller for their dolls, the fire truck, a learning piggy bank, some books, some puzzles, new jammies, a Little People garage, and more...

Colby got his dresser! And a toy. 

All three kiddos got shirts... Emily's says "Big Sister"... Kyle's says "Little Brother"... and Colby's says "Littler Brother"... and they all say "Team Eubank" on the back.

Mommy and Daddy got new pots and pans, clothes, shampoo, conditioner, laundry detergent, and more...

Emily and Kyle tried on Grandpa's boots... They were pretty much as tall as Kyle's legs... and I'm pretty sure Emily's keep were not at the bottom of the boots!

We played for a while and then cleaned up. Around lunch time, Grandpa Franks' brother and his family came over. We ate lunch and then the kiddos went down for naps! The adults did a gift exchange and hung out for a while.

Later in the afternoon, Grandma Franks' sister and her family came over and Aunt Lois and Uncle Bill. We opened gifts from them... the kiddos got some more toys, books, clothes, and a few other things. Kyle helped pass out presents and did a very good job not opening presents as he handed them out to people.

We left shortly after dinner and came home for baths and bed time! Both kiddos were VERY sleepy! 

Daddy brought everything in from the van and Mommy got pretty much everything put away! 

As much fun as we have had with family the past couple days, we are looking forward to a quiet day at home tomorrow with just Mommy and the kiddos! We wish Daddy could stay home and play too, but he has to go back to work!

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