Friday, December 28, 2012

A Busy Day: Snow, Two Doctors Appointments, Dinner with Friends, Hospital Trip

Yesterday, Kyle and I both had doctors appointments in Lansing, so we headed to Lansing bright and early with Brent. We dropped Brent off at work and then headed to Grandma and Grandpa Franks' house.

We played for a while and looked at the snow outside.

We were cheesers when Grandpa took lots of pictures!

Great Grandma Johnson came over for a little while. We played and we opened our presents from her!

Then we went outside to play in the snow! Emily HATED the snow! Kyle LOVED the snow!

Emily would only stand in the store for a couple minutes and then wanted to be picked up. She hung out with Mommy most of the time we were outside. She was afraid of Grandpa and Kyle because she thought they were going to get snow on her.

Kyle ventured off and played in the snow. He sat in it and rolled in it and played with it. He even played with snow balls!

After lunch, I headed to my OB's office for my 34 week prenatal visit. Colby's heart rate was 147 bpm. I lost two pounds in the past two weeks, but my belly grew, so there wasn't much of a concern. I passed a kidney stone on Sunday, and it appeared that all was better from that. Everything checked out all good!

Later in the afternoon, Kyle had his appointment for his echo. There was some emergency at the office, we they were 45 minutes late taking him back for his test. Grandma and Grandpa were with us, and both kiddos did great playing with all the toys in the waiting room and not getting impatient! Once we finally got back, Kyle did great. His was a little squirmy when he got tickled, but for the most part laid still and the tech was able to get all the pictures and measurements he needed of Kyle's heart. We should get a cal next week with the results. 

We then met Tommy, Allie, and Parker for dinner at Five Guys! Emily was crazy about Parker. As soon as she saw him, she knew who he was and wanted to play with him. It was nice to be able to hang out with them for a little bit... we used to hang out often and haven't very much since we moved to Ionia.

By the time we left Five Guys, neither Brent nor I felt very good. I drove half way home and had to stop to throw up... then Brent drove the rest of the way home. Once we got home, we both were feeling pretty miserable. We got the kids to bed, and I called the on call doctor at my OB's office because pretty much everything I had eaten all day had been puked up at that point. The doctor told me I needed to go to the hospital. Brent stayed home with the kids to sleep so that he would hopefully feel better, and I drove to the hospital and my parents met me there. After waiting forever, I finally got put in a room and they started an IV to treat me for dehydration and hooked me up to monitors to make sure all was well with Colby. After LOTS of fluids and some anti-nausea drugs in my IV, I was finally starting to feel better. The doctor was pretty sure that I (and Brent) had food poisoning. There is some bug going around, but neither of us had a fever, so she didn't think it was that. Finally around 6:00am this morning, I was discharged and headed back to my parents house to sleep for a while.

I am exhausted, but am feeling better. Brent is still not feeling very well... hopefully soon we will both be back to normal. And hopefully the doctor was right that it was food poisoning and Emily and Kyle don't get sick too!

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