Tuesday, December 11, 2012

32 Week Prenatal Appointment

Yesterday I went back to the doctor. The most exciting part about the visit was that we ALL went... My appointment was at 4:30, so it was just easiest to let Emily and Kyle take naps at home and we left when they woke up and Brent met us at the doctors office.

Everything with Colby went really well. His heart sounded good (I forget what she said his heart rate was). My belly is measuring right on track (no longer big). My blood pressure is nice and low.

We talked a little bit about contractions because I'm still having them regularly... But as long as I rest, they go away. In the last two weeks, the closest they have been in 15 minutes apart and not TOO painful. This morning I was having contractions about 10 minutes apart for a little bit, but once Emily and Kyle let me rest for a little bit, they stopped.

Colby moves... and moves.. and moves.. Until I feel like letting someone touch my belly to feel him moving.. and then he stops!

I'm feeling okay... just very pregnant. I'm to the point where I am having a hard time finding comfortable positions to sit in and sleep in and having a hard time breathing at times. Comfort wise though, just having one baby in my belly is WAY easier than having two! Energy wise... I think I had more energy and wasn't as exhausted all the time when I was pregnant with Emily and Kyle. When I was pregnant last time, I sat in front of a computer at work and then sat on the couch at home.... this time I am chasing around two toddlers by my self most of the day... But then end is in sight (and by the end, I mean the beginning of extreme exhaustion for a while!).

My dad bought us Colby's crib for Christmas and it came in last week. I set it up over the weekend. It's the same crib that Emily and Kyle both have and will turn into a toddler bed when we are ready.

We are slowly working on getting his room set up... We have most of the furniture, so it's mostly just figuring out where I want to put stuff... and finding places for the other stuff that is currently stored in his bedroom.

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