Friday, November 16, 2012

Our Apartment in Mason and Our House in Delaware

Our apartment in Mason still hasn't been re-leased. :(

I was finally able to talk to our landlord yesterday about the status of getting the apartment re-leased. She informed me that since we have moved out two other two bedrooms have become available due to evictions. She said she thought she had both of them filled already; she was just waiting on the new tenants to put down deposits. Once those two apartments are officially no longer available, ours will be the next one filled... unless someone else gets evicted between now and then.

Because we are still technically leasing our apartment, it can only be considered available if there are not any other units available in the complex comparable to ours. We have been putting ads online trying to find someone to re-lease our apartment and have had lots of interest and given her several names. It sounded like the two people that she's waiting for deposits from may be people who contacted us saying they were interested in our apartment. Apparently because of a law against "steering," even if its someone we find, she has to put them in the next available apartment... and ours has to be last on that list.

We have a little bit more positive news about our house in Delaware. We are officially in the foreclosure process, but are speeding things up by doing a deed-in-lieu. Our "specialist" we are working with seems to be on top of things... she even responds to most emails within a few hours! It sounds like all they are waiting for now is for the title check to come back... and as long as it comes back clean (which is should), then she will send us all the paperwork to sign our house over to the bank.

So yeah.. that's our update. Hopefully by the end of the year we'll only have one "place of residence" instead of the three currently in our name!

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