Monday, November 5, 2012

Adventures in Moving

Emily and Kyle weren't too sure about everything being packed up... but they did enjoy playing in the TV stand while it was empty!

The kiddos were very confused about what was going on. It was the worst the last night we spent in Mason when the apartment was pretty much empty. Poor Emily just wanted to be held. Kyle thought it was fun to run around and play in all the open space, but was confused about where everything went.

After we started unloading and unpacking boxes in Ionia, they seemed to make sense of the whole moving thing. They are loving all the extra room and the fact that we don't have any stairs (Mommy is loving the no stairs too!). We are on the second floor, so we do still have to go up and down stairs, but not nearly as often. The kids love that they can run back and forth from their room to the living room and play with all their toys!

Emily and Kyle's room

The hallway backroom

The living room

The dinning room

The laundry room

Mommy and Daddy's bedroom

The kitchen

Colby's bedroom... right now it's storage for random stuff as I figure out what to do with it. Hopefully by Christmas it will be set up for Colby!

The LONG hallway that Emily and Kyle LOVE to run up and down!

And some pictures of my kids being cute :)

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