Tuesday, November 27, 2012

30 Week Prenatal Appointment

I had a prenatal appointment today. Everything is good for the most part...

I gained two pounds in the past two weeks... so I've now gained a total of 8 pounds!

My blood pressure was really low. She said its great that its that low when I'm 30 weeks pregnant!

Colby's heart rate was 132 bpm.

My belly measured at 32 weeks... so still sticking with the two weeks ahead measurements.

I've been having contractions on and off when I've been too active. The closest they've gotten together is 10 minutes, so I didn't really think it was too big of a deal. They normally slow down and go away if I just lay down and do nothing for a while. Apparently I should have called the doctor though when they were 10 minutes apart for a couple hours last week. She explained that because I had issues with pre-term labor with Emily and Kyle, that I might this pregnancy too. She says that it kind of sounds like I am starting to have some of the issues, but it also sounds like I know "the drill" with drinking water and laying down and such to see if the contractions go away. But... I am supposed to call if I am having contractions for more than an hour that won't go away with rest... and will most likely have to go in to be checked and monitored. Hopefully Emily and Kyle will let me take it easy the next two months so that we don't have to make any unplanned trips to my doctors office or OB triage!

She also said that there is a good chance that I will have Colby before 40 weeks. She explained that with twins it's very normal to have them early (which we know) but it's also common to have any babies after twins a little bit early. She said as of right now, she doesn't see me having a problem making it to 36 weeks, but the goal is 38 weeks. I think I'm going to have Colby somewhere around the 39 week mark... but we'll see... it's God's decision when Colby comes out, not mine :)

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