Thursday, November 15, 2012

28 Week Prenatal Appointment

On Monday I had my 28 week prenatal appointment. For the most part all went well.
Colby's heart rate was 135 bpm, which the doctor said is perfectly normal.
My belly measured at 30 weeks... I've been measuring a little bit this whole pregnancy, so that wasn't a surprise.
My one-hour glucose screening and other blood work came back "excellent." The doctor said everything was well within normal for a non-pregnant woman, so that's excellent considering I am in fact pregnant.
I gained another pound... Up a total of six from where I started.

The only issue is that I am starting to have issues with my sciatic nerve. On days that I am up and on my feet a lot, at the end of the day I have a really hard time moving around and tasks such as getting out of bed to pee are close to impossible. It's extremely painful some days... and other days it's fine. Typically a chiropractor could provide some relief, but because of my history of a broken back, I shouldn't see a chiropractor. My OB has referred me to some other sort of specialist... I forget what she called the doctor... but I haven't heard from them about an appointment yet.

Colby is more active than Emily and Kyle were while I was pregnant with them (at times, he is more active than they are now!).... but considering he has way more room to move around than they did, it doesn't surprise me. Colby is long enough now that he can punch me in the bladder and kick me in the lungs are the same time. It makes some days lots of fun!

I'm excited that I am now in the third trimester of this pregnancy and soon we will get to meet the little dude inside me. We are starting to get stuff ready for him... hoping to get the rest of what we need for his bedroom for Christmas.

Emily and Kyle still aren't really sure what's going on. If you ask them where Colby is, they will point to my belly. They both give him night night kisses every night and give him hugs when asked. Emily lays her head on my belly often and talks to Colby and they both tell him "no hit" when they feel him move. I'm still not sure though that they really understand Colby is a baby... and not just Mommy's belly!

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