Tuesday, October 23, 2012

We're Moving!

We are taking a step of faith and moving to Ionia next week! We really feel the need to be closer to our church so that we can be more involved in the church and the teens lives without having to drive so far. We are signing our new lease for Nov 1st and trusting that God will provide a new tenant for our current apartment by Dec 1st so that we will only have one rent to pay.

We have been working with our landlord to get out of our lease... the only way to terminate our lease is to find someone else to re-rent our apartment. Because we living a low-income tax credit apartment complex, we can not sublet; a new tenant has to go through our landlord and be approved and sign their own lease. We asked about a month ago that our landlord start looking for someone to re-rent our apartment too, but it didn't really seem like anything was happening. So Brent posted an ad online himself last week and we've had several interested people. We have told them all to get into contact with our landlord and have passed all of their info on to our landlord as well. From what we hear on our end, there are two people that are pretty serious... one that wants to move ASAP and the other the middle of November. Hopefully our landlord will work with one of these two to get them approved so that they can sign a lease for our apartment.

Brent is going to keep working his job here in Holt for the time being. Driving the Focus back and forth three times a week is cheaper than driving the van back and forth, like we are doing now. But he has started to look for another part time job in the Ionia area. He is in the process of apply to be a substitute teacher in some of the area schools, and seeking whatever other opportunities might be available.

Please pray with us during this transition. There is a lot to pack up and do in a short period of time. Please pray that we will have the time and energy to get everything done that needs to be done to make this a sooth transition. Emily and Kyle are already concerned and confused as to why we are packing up boxes again. Please pray that God will provide a new tenant for our apartment in Mason as we are trusting Him too. Also, please pray for the financial aspect of the situation as we will have two rents to pay for the month of November, along with moving expenses and all that other fun stuff. Pray with us that Brent will be able to find another job in Ionia so that we can pay our bills. We are trusting that God will provide us with everything that we need; just as He has been doing the past two years since we left our old church in Delaware (and WAY before that too!). 

If you need our new address for whatever reason, send me an email and I'll give it to you.

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