Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Prenatal Check Up

Yesterday I went to the OB for my check up. Everything looked and sounded good. Colby's heart rate was 150 bpm. I'm still measuring a little big, but that's normal and expected. I go back in another four weeks... after that we start every two!

I haven't thrown up in over a month! (I'm pretty sure the last time was the first weekend of September).

My headaches have gotten a lot better... I've only have one bad one in the past two weeks.

Colby moves and kicks like crazy. It's a lot more of a distinct movement than I remember with Emily and Kyle... Doctor says its because there is just one baby and he has a little more room to move around. I'm pretty sure Emily and Kyle have both felt Colby move. They will be sitting on my lap (leaning against my belly) and will react when Colby kicks. Brent has yet to feel him move though... he'll be moving and kicking and then as soon as Brent puts his hand on my stomach, Colby will be still. Hopefully soon :)

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