Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Play Play Play

We are enjoying having Daddy home with us all day on Wednesdays now that his work schedule has changed. (He works Monday, Thursday, and Friday at Maxima and Tuesdays all day at church. Then we are all at church on Wednesday nights and Sunday mornings.)

This morning we got ready...

And went to play at the play place at the mall (it was a little chilly to play outside)...

After lunch we went outside to play for a little bit because the weather was nice. We played on the playground in our apartment complex and then played with the pumpkins Grandma and Grandpa Franks brought over on Sunday. Emily and Kyle have been looking at the pumpkins out the window for the place couple days and really wanted to play with them.

Right before we went inside, Daddy found a worm. We thought it was a "ssssssssssssnake!" Both kiddos were very curious about the "snake."

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