Saturday, October 27, 2012


Grandma and Grandpa made Emily and Kyle Lego costumes for Halloween. Grandpa also made one for himself! The kids aren't too sure about them. They really weren't cooperating for pictures... if we get some better ones later, I'll post some more!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

We're Moving!

We are taking a step of faith and moving to Ionia next week! We really feel the need to be closer to our church so that we can be more involved in the church and the teens lives without having to drive so far. We are signing our new lease for Nov 1st and trusting that God will provide a new tenant for our current apartment by Dec 1st so that we will only have one rent to pay.

We have been working with our landlord to get out of our lease... the only way to terminate our lease is to find someone else to re-rent our apartment. Because we living a low-income tax credit apartment complex, we can not sublet; a new tenant has to go through our landlord and be approved and sign their own lease. We asked about a month ago that our landlord start looking for someone to re-rent our apartment too, but it didn't really seem like anything was happening. So Brent posted an ad online himself last week and we've had several interested people. We have told them all to get into contact with our landlord and have passed all of their info on to our landlord as well. From what we hear on our end, there are two people that are pretty serious... one that wants to move ASAP and the other the middle of November. Hopefully our landlord will work with one of these two to get them approved so that they can sign a lease for our apartment.

Brent is going to keep working his job here in Holt for the time being. Driving the Focus back and forth three times a week is cheaper than driving the van back and forth, like we are doing now. But he has started to look for another part time job in the Ionia area. He is in the process of apply to be a substitute teacher in some of the area schools, and seeking whatever other opportunities might be available.

Please pray with us during this transition. There is a lot to pack up and do in a short period of time. Please pray that we will have the time and energy to get everything done that needs to be done to make this a sooth transition. Emily and Kyle are already concerned and confused as to why we are packing up boxes again. Please pray that God will provide a new tenant for our apartment in Mason as we are trusting Him too. Also, please pray for the financial aspect of the situation as we will have two rents to pay for the month of November, along with moving expenses and all that other fun stuff. Pray with us that Brent will be able to find another job in Ionia so that we can pay our bills. We are trusting that God will provide us with everything that we need; just as He has been doing the past two years since we left our old church in Delaware (and WAY before that too!). 

If you need our new address for whatever reason, send me an email and I'll give it to you.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Play Play Play

We are enjoying having Daddy home with us all day on Wednesdays now that his work schedule has changed. (He works Monday, Thursday, and Friday at Maxima and Tuesdays all day at church. Then we are all at church on Wednesday nights and Sunday mornings.)

This morning we got ready...

And went to play at the play place at the mall (it was a little chilly to play outside)...

After lunch we went outside to play for a little bit because the weather was nice. We played on the playground in our apartment complex and then played with the pumpkins Grandma and Grandpa Franks brought over on Sunday. Emily and Kyle have been looking at the pumpkins out the window for the place couple days and really wanted to play with them.

Right before we went inside, Daddy found a worm. We thought it was a "ssssssssssssnake!" Both kiddos were very curious about the "snake."

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Prenatal Check Up

Yesterday I went to the OB for my check up. Everything looked and sounded good. Colby's heart rate was 150 bpm. I'm still measuring a little big, but that's normal and expected. I go back in another four weeks... after that we start every two!

I haven't thrown up in over a month! (I'm pretty sure the last time was the first weekend of September).

My headaches have gotten a lot better... I've only have one bad one in the past two weeks.

Colby moves and kicks like crazy. It's a lot more of a distinct movement than I remember with Emily and Kyle... Doctor says its because there is just one baby and he has a little more room to move around. I'm pretty sure Emily and Kyle have both felt Colby move. They will be sitting on my lap (leaning against my belly) and will react when Colby kicks. Brent has yet to feel him move though... he'll be moving and kicking and then as soon as Brent puts his hand on my stomach, Colby will be still. Hopefully soon :)

Monday, October 15, 2012

Kyle's First "Big" Boo Boo

Last night Kyle was running around the living room with a blanket over his head and tripped. He landed mouth first on the chair and started screaming and bleeding. It took a while to get him calmed down and the bleeding mostly stopped after 20 minutes or so... but continued on and off for a while. He ate dinner fine, so we figured he was okay. He wouldn't let us look in his mouth though so we weren't really sure where all the blood came from.

This morning when Kyle woke up his upper lip was all puffy and he kept pointing to his mouth saying "oww." He let me look and his gum and inside of his lip were all black and blue. I called the pediatrician and talked to the nurse. She said he probably should be seen just to make sure he didn't do an damage, so I made an appointment for this afternoon, but she told me if it started bleeding again to take him over to urgent care. About five minutes after I got off the phone with the nurse, Kyle came over to me with a mouth full of blood... so we got Grandpa Franks to come over and all took a trip to urgent care.

After waiting in the waiting room for a long time... we finally got to go back and see the doctor. She peeked around in Kyle's mouth while I held him down and said that everything looked okay. She said he just has a really bad bruise and to giving him lots of popsickles and motrin, and to watch him for signs of a concussion. They sent us on our way with an Ice Pop for each kiddo.

Monday, October 8, 2012

19 Months Old!

This past month has flown by. It seems like I was just writing an 18 month blog post!

Not a whole lot has changed in the past month, so this isn't going to be a very exciting post.
Emily and Kyle are still following pretty much the same schedule.

Emily and Kyle's vocabularies are growing like crazy. It seems like everyday they are learning new words. Also, the amount of words they understand is also growing. I often ask them to point to different objects and they normally point to the correct object.

Emily and Kyle are getting very good at helping pick up their toys. We try to pick up their downstairs toys at least once a day and we pick up all of their toys in their bedroom every night before bed. Most of the time they are great helpers. A couple weeks ago I pulled their toy shelf out of the closet so they have a lot more toys in their bedroom. They will often put away whatever toy they are playing with before getting out a new one.... yet will still end up with a floor full of toys to put away at the end of the day.

We also got their legos out (they've had ones to play with at Grandma and Grandpa Franks' house for a while) and they have become a favorite toy. Kyle is excellent at building towers and other random structures with them. Emily struggles a little bit to get the pieces lined up right and gets frustrated with them, but still enjoys playing with them.

Emily and Kyle still loves to read books. They have gotten a lot better about sitting in laps and reading whole books. We still only let them play with board books, but have some real books they we will read to them when they are sitting in our laps. They will actually sit and listen to a whole story now (even if it last for more than two minutes). They both have also become a lot more interested in reading the Bible before bed time; most of the time they will actually sit and listen and look at the pictures in their children's Bibles.


  • Emily is wearing mostly 12 month clothes (they are still a little big on her though)
  • Emily has four teeth that have come in, but is working on cutting two other front teeth and all four of her 18 month molars
  • Emily LOVES yogurt. They have yogurt every morning for breakfast and Emily loves the yogurt and gets very concerned if doesn't see the yogurt as soon as she starts eating breakfast. 

  • Kyle is wearing mostly 18 month clothes (they are still a little big on him though)
  • Kyle still has 12 teeth.
  • Kyle LOVES gold fish. He even sings about his gold fish when he's eating them.
  • Kyle LOVES his jacket... it has Lighting McQueen on it and he loves to show off the vroom vroom while he's wearing his jacket. 

Friday, October 5, 2012

Post Nap Time Pictures!

After nap time, I thought I would try to take some pictures of Kyle and Emily... 

Emily was still sleeping when I went into their bedroom...

But Kyle was wide awake and ready to play!

Once Emily woke up, she wasn't so sure she wanted to be awake yet.... but eventually was okay with it

Kyle just wanted to play with the camera and have his picture taken. He kept sticking his face right in front of the camera and saying "eeessse!"

Then Emily decided that she wanted her picture taken too!