Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Tubes for Emily?

Went went went last week for well visits, the doctor referred Emily to the ENT because she has had three ear infections in the past six months.

The doctor recommended tubes because of the frequency of her ear infections. He said it's a quick procedure (15 minutes) and about an hour of recovery. He said most kids are running around playing the same afternoon as if nothing happened. They wouldn't have to do an IV or anything for anesthesia, just some gas in a mask to keep her asleep while the doctor puts in the tubes. Then the tubes normally fall out by themselves after a there is no second procedure to take them out.

She's borderline for needed them as of right now... because the soonest tubes are recommended are when a child has had three infections in six months or four in a year. So... we are going to think about it for a couple days, and then Brent and I will decide if we want to go ahead and schedule the surgery, or if we want to wait and see if she has any more infections.

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