Thursday, September 20, 2012

Back in Ministry!

Today Brent accepted a position as Youth Director at Shiloh Community Church in Orleans, MI!!

The church is about an hour from where we currently are living, and about an hour from both sets of our parents.

He starts October 1st!

The position is part-time. Brent will need to be at church Sunday mornings, Wednesday nights, and Tuesday during the day.

We are excited for the opportunity, but are still trying to figure out some of the details.
We would like to move near the church, but our current lease goes through March. We can get out of our lease if our landlord find someone else to rent our apartment, otherwise it sounds like we are stuck. We have asked her to start looking for a new tenant, and we are going to start looking for somewhere near the church to live. Hopefully God will work it all out for us.
We also need to figure out employment. Brent is going to talk to his current boss and see if part time an option until he finds something else near the church (because if we do move, he doesn't want to have to make an hour commute a couple days a week).
We trust that it is all in God's control and that He will work out all the details for us.

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