Tuesday, September 25, 2012

An Update on a Few Things...

We decided over the weekend that we were ready to just be done with our house in Delaware. In December it will be two years that we've been trying to sell it. Brent called the bank yesterday to see what we need to do to do a "deed-in-lieu." This is kind of like a foreclosure, except we just sign the house over to the bank and don't have to do through all the normal foreclosure stuff. We are waiting for a phone call back from our short sale specialist before we can proceed. Hopefully this won't take as long as all the short sale stuff took.
As Brent was hanging up with the bank, we got an email from our Realtor saying there was someone possibly interested. So, I guess we are going to wait until we get a for sure yes or no from that person before pursing the deed-in-lieu.

Brent's Employment
As of October 1st, Brent will be employed part time by Shiloh Community Church! Yesterday he found out that he was going to be able to work part time at his current job for the time being. He will work Monday, Thursday, and Friday at Maxima and then Tuesdays during the day at church, and then we will be at church on Wednesday nights and Sunday mornings.
The plan is for him to find another part time job in the area of the church once we move so that he is not having to have an hour commute.

We have spoken with the manager of our apartment complex about getting out of our lease. She said that only way we can get out without having to pay lots of money is if a new tenant is found to rent our apartment. She has listed the apartment as available, posted adds, and is trying to get into contact with some people she has on a waiting list. She sounded confident that she could find a new tenant to sign a lease starting November 1st.
Next Wednesday on the way to church we are going to look at an apartment near church that will be available towards the end of October. So if it all works out, that would be great timing for us.

It's A...... BOY!
We did find out the gender of the baby, but didn't want to tell right away. I went back and forth on the decision so many times. In the end I decided that if we could find out, we would. But we weren't going to tell people right away. I decided that we would tell Emily and Kyle and talk to them about the baby using the baby's name, and once they were able, they could tell people. I didn't take Emily very long and she started telling people! She's one smart girlie!
So we are having another little boy....Colby Thomas :)

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