Tuesday, September 25, 2012

An Update on a Few Things...

We decided over the weekend that we were ready to just be done with our house in Delaware. In December it will be two years that we've been trying to sell it. Brent called the bank yesterday to see what we need to do to do a "deed-in-lieu." This is kind of like a foreclosure, except we just sign the house over to the bank and don't have to do through all the normal foreclosure stuff. We are waiting for a phone call back from our short sale specialist before we can proceed. Hopefully this won't take as long as all the short sale stuff took.
As Brent was hanging up with the bank, we got an email from our Realtor saying there was someone possibly interested. So, I guess we are going to wait until we get a for sure yes or no from that person before pursing the deed-in-lieu.

Brent's Employment
As of October 1st, Brent will be employed part time by Shiloh Community Church! Yesterday he found out that he was going to be able to work part time at his current job for the time being. He will work Monday, Thursday, and Friday at Maxima and then Tuesdays during the day at church, and then we will be at church on Wednesday nights and Sunday mornings.
The plan is for him to find another part time job in the area of the church once we move so that he is not having to have an hour commute.

We have spoken with the manager of our apartment complex about getting out of our lease. She said that only way we can get out without having to pay lots of money is if a new tenant is found to rent our apartment. She has listed the apartment as available, posted adds, and is trying to get into contact with some people she has on a waiting list. She sounded confident that she could find a new tenant to sign a lease starting November 1st.
Next Wednesday on the way to church we are going to look at an apartment near church that will be available towards the end of October. So if it all works out, that would be great timing for us.

It's A...... BOY!
We did find out the gender of the baby, but didn't want to tell right away. I went back and forth on the decision so many times. In the end I decided that if we could find out, we would. But we weren't going to tell people right away. I decided that we would tell Emily and Kyle and talk to them about the baby using the baby's name, and once they were able, they could tell people. I didn't take Emily very long and she started telling people! She's one smart girlie!
So we are having another little boy....Colby Thomas :)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Back in Ministry!

Today Brent accepted a position as Youth Director at Shiloh Community Church in Orleans, MI!!

The church is about an hour from where we currently are living, and about an hour from both sets of our parents.

He starts October 1st!

The position is part-time. Brent will need to be at church Sunday mornings, Wednesday nights, and Tuesday during the day.

We are excited for the opportunity, but are still trying to figure out some of the details.
We would like to move near the church, but our current lease goes through March. We can get out of our lease if our landlord find someone else to rent our apartment, otherwise it sounds like we are stuck. We have asked her to start looking for a new tenant, and we are going to start looking for somewhere near the church to live. Hopefully God will work it all out for us.
We also need to figure out employment. Brent is going to talk to his current boss and see if part time an option until he finds something else near the church (because if we do move, he doesn't want to have to make an hour commute a couple days a week).
We trust that it is all in God's control and that He will work out all the details for us.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Tubes for Emily?

Went went went last week for well visits, the doctor referred Emily to the ENT because she has had three ear infections in the past six months.

The doctor recommended tubes because of the frequency of her ear infections. He said it's a quick procedure (15 minutes) and about an hour of recovery. He said most kids are running around playing the same afternoon as if nothing happened. They wouldn't have to do an IV or anything for anesthesia, just some gas in a mask to keep her asleep while the doctor puts in the tubes. Then the tubes normally fall out by themselves after a while...so there is no second procedure to take them out.

She's borderline for needed them as of right now... because the soonest tubes are recommended are when a child has had three infections in six months or four in a year. So... we are going to think about it for a couple days, and then Brent and I will decide if we want to go ahead and schedule the surgery, or if we want to wait and see if she has any more infections.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

It's A....


Yesterday I had my 20 week anatomy ultrasound and a prenatal appointment.

The ultrasound went well. I saw 10 fingers and 10 toes and all kinds of other little body parts. The baby was moving and flipping around during most of the ultrasound. The baby's heart beat was 155 bpm and is estimated to be 14oz. Everything measured right on track.

Because my due date has been in question from the start and the baby keeps measuring a couple days different at each of the ultrasounds, we weren't sure what the "official" due date was. Yesterday I was given the official due date of February 2.

My appointment went well. My blood pressure and everything else looked good. I had seen a neurologist last week because of my headaches/migraines and he recommended that my OB put me on magnesium to help prevent my headaches and migraines. After talking about it, because I have been only have one or so a week, instead of the five or six I was having, we are going to hold off of the magnesium for now. If my headaches start getting worse again, then my OB will go ahead and give me an RX.

As far of finding out the gender of the baby.... I felt like I really didn't have a choice. I had so many people that I felt pressure from to find out. I had lots of comments about how it would just be easier to know for this reason and that... and lots of negative reactions when I said I didn't think I wanted to know. That being said... for now... the gender will remain a surprise!

Friday, September 14, 2012

18 Month Well Visits

We went to the doctor this morning for Emily and Kyle's 18 month well visits. Grandpa Franks went with us... and lets just say Mommy wants Grandpa to to go the doctor with us every time now. They were the most well behaved that they have ever been at the doctor's office and didn't fuss at all when they were weighed or measured. Emily only did a little bit when the doctor was checking out her ears!

Emily is 17 lbs 1oz and is 29.5 inches tall.

Kyle is 19 lbs 15 oz and is 32.25 inches tall.

They both have met all their developmental milestones (and then some) and checked out well.

Emily does have another ear infection though. The doctor gave her some more antibiotics and is sending her to see an ENT because this is her third ear infection in six months.

We were also given a referral for Kyle's two year cardiologist appointment to get his murmur checked out.d

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Eighteen Months!

 We made it to the year and a half mark! It's crazy how much Emily and Kyle have grown up!

Schedule wise, we are still around the same. The kiddos normally wake up around 7:00am and hang out with Daddy for a couple minutes before he goes to work. Around 8:00am we eat breakfast and then play downstairs until 9:00 or 9:30am (until we start to get whiny) and then take "rests" (every once in a while a nap will happen) until 10:30 or 11:00am. Then we eat a snack and play until noon, when we eat lunch. After lunch we play until 1:00pm or so and then take naps. Most days, nap time last until 3:00ish...but some days longer. Then we play and play until dinner at 5:30pm. After dinner, we play until baths and bedtime, normally around 7:00pm.

Right now, Emily and Kyle's favorite foods are bananas and gold fish, but pretty much eat anything they are given. For the most part, they are very good eaters! Every once in a while, they will protest something, but they eat what is served at meals and aren't offered other options. If they are hungry, they will eat!

Emily and Kyle's vocabulary is growing faster than we can keep up with it. They are both very good at point out all of the animals in our books and when they see animals outside. Their favorites are bobs (dogs), ducks, and "rafs" (giraffes). They also know what most of their toys of called and will get whatever toy you ask them for. They understand way more words than they are given credit for. They also say so many words... most of the time only Mommy and Daddy (and I'm sure each other) understand what they are saying, but it seems like every day they are using new words... some of them even have multiple syllables. They even can put two or three words together for short phrases!

Emily and Kyle are also recognizing the different places we go regularly. When we get out of the van at home, we tell the kids to go to "our house" and they both will walk to our front door. When we pull into Grandma and Grandpa Franks house, Kyle gets all excited and starts shouting "Vroom Vroom" and they both take off running towards the door when we let them out of the van. When we go to Meijer, they both know they are going to ride in their stroller. At church, they know where the nursery is and they know Grandma Eubank is up in the balcony.

 Emily and Kyle have gotten very good at building towers with their blocks. They can both build towers to be as tall as they are. They also are good at matching shapes. We have a bucket that has different shape cut outs in the top and shapes that fit in those cut outs, and both kiddos can match the shapes up and put them in the correct spot. Grandma and Grandpa Franks also have a ball like this at their house, and they do a decent job of matching up the shapes and getting them inside the ball.

Kyle and Emily LOVE books. They will sit in someones lap for long periods of time and let someone read to them. They also like to read the same books OVER and OVER and OVER again.

Emily is still wearing size 9 month clothes. Some of her dresses are starting to get too short for her, but the 12 month dresses are HUGE on her. Hopefully she'll grow some before it starts to get cold outside because so far all the cooler weather clothes we have for her at 12 months.

Emily has 4 teeth, two on bottom and two on top.

 Emily LOVES to drink water, specially out of a straw.

Emily is crazy about Lilly (her lovely). You can pretty much get her to do anything you want if you offer her Lilly.

Emily is more of an evening person... not so much a morning person (just like her Mommy and Daddy).

Emily loves to talk to the baby. She lays her head on Mommy's belly and whispers secrets to the baby. A couple days ago, I'm pretty sure she told the baby to come out and play.

Kyle is wearing 12 month clothes. Jammies with feet in them are starting to get too short, but otherwise they are still fitting him well. Most of his jeans are just the right length, but struggle to stay up because he is very skinny. It's a good thing we using cloth diapers, otherwise this kid's pants would ALWAYS be falling down!

Kyle has 13 teeth. He has four on the top and bottom right in front, and then his 18 month molars. He also has another tooth on the bottom that has started to break through!

Kyle has become more attached to Mr E (his lovely).

Kyle is very much a morning person! And when he's awake, he wants to make sure everyone else in the house is also awake!

Kyle loves to give the baby kisses, but he also gets mad that he has to share Mommy's lap with the baby! Not sure what he's going to do as my belly continues to get bigger!

 All of these pictures were actually taken today! And the shirt that Emily is wearing used to be Mommy's!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Hanging Out in Chicago

We went to Chicago for Labor Day Weekend to hang out with Uncle Shane, Aunt Alyssa, and Nora. Tommy (our cousin) went with us too!

We found a slide in their living room... they didn't even know it was there!

We played with Nora .... and all her toys!