Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Church Visit

This past weekend we went to Versailles Christian Church in Versailles Ohio for a visit/interview.

We left Saturday after breakfast and got there about lunch time. We had lunch in a sports bar in the little town (one of the few places to eat) and then headed over to the church to meet with the pastor. We had a tour of the church and then sat and talked with the pastor for a little bit while Emily and Kyle played in the church nursery. We then were given a tour of the town and were very impressed by how much the town had to offer.

After our tour, we were checked into our room at the Inn of Versailles. It was kind of a cool hotel... but wasn't very toddler friendly! We got settled into our room and put Emily and Kyle down in their pack'n'plays with hopes they would take a nap. I think we all slept for about a half an hour, and then the kiddos wanted to get up and play and continue to explore our room.

Around dinner time, we headed back to the church for dinner with the search committee and their families. After dinner, Emily and Kyle very happily went to the nursery to play while the committee interviewed Brent.  The kiddos did wonderful, considering it was past their bedtime and they hadn't slept much that day. Towards to end, they started to get fussy and wanted Mommy, but they lasted a lot longer than I thought they would.

We went back to the hotel and have the kiddos baths in the jacuzzi that we had in our room. Because it was so big, we decided that one of us needed to get in with them. Emily and Kyle LOVED being in the HUGE bath tub and loved that Mommy took a bath with them. Once they started to get pruney, we got them all dried off and ready for bed. They took a little bit to fall asleep, but did.

About midnight, Emily woke up and wasn't very happy. Brent brought her to our bed and she snuggled right up with me and fell back asleep. I'm pretty sure she was just cold, because once she was sleeping, she didn't want to really cuddle anymore, just wanted to be between Mommy and Daddy.

About 4am Kyle woke up and I figured he was just cold too, so Brent brought him to bed with us. He didn't want Daddy; Kyle only wanted Mommy and didn't want Emily to be touching Mommy while he was cuddling! He wanted me laying on my back and to lay on top of me. Every time I thought it was asleep, I would move so that I could be comfy enough to go to sleep... and he would wake up.

About 5:30, we gave up and trying to get Kyle to sleep... and if Kyle wasn't sleeping, no one was. We decided to let the kids take another bath... there wasn't really much else to do and we didn't want them to continue to scream and wake everyone up around us. They played in the bathtub for about a half an hour and then we gave them a snack... and then tried to put them back to bed in hopes they would take a nap. That idea failed and we played in the room with the few toys that I had brought for them... and then got things packed up and ready to go.

We had breakfast at the Inn at 8:00 and then were on our way to church. I was worried Emily and Kyle were not going to do well in the nursery because of the lack of sleep, but we got to church and they headed to the nursery and wanted to play.

During the first service, we got another tour of the church and saw the different Sunday School classes and then sat in the service for most of the sermon. During the second service, we sat in the service the whole time.

After church we went to someone's house for lunch. At that point our kids were beyond exhausted and weren't the best guests... but that's okay, they are still cute even when they aren't happy! After lunch, we put the kiddos in the van and headed back home. I think they were both sleep within five minutes of when we left and slept all the way home for the most part.

We enjoyed our visit (minus the lack of sleep) and liked the church and the people we met. The church has four men they are looking at and bring in for a visit; we were the second to visit. After the other two men visit the church, their committee with make a decision as to who they want to pursue further. So, we should hear something back from them in the end of August or beginning of September.

Please continue to pray with us as we seek where God is calling us for our next step in ministry.

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