Friday, August 31, 2012


Sorry I have been slacking on pictures lately... here's a bunch :)

Monday, August 27, 2012

House Update

Two weeks ago, we got word that Bank of America FINALLY approved the offer for our house. A week later, the buyer backed out.

We've always had some issues with water in the basement... but our house is near the river, at a low point of the development, and the ground is pretty much all clay... so it was pretty much expected.

The buyer was told it was going to be a lot of money to fix it and wanted us to help pay (which isn't/wasn't possible). Our Realtor brought in a waterproofing guy and he gave an estimate way lower than what the buyer was told... and we had a plumber come out and verify that the plumbing was all like it should be... but the buyer still backed out.

We're not really sure what's going to happen now. Our house is still on the market and now has an active status again, but we haven't heard back anything from the bank. At this point, as much as I don't want it to happen, I think I'd be okay with a foreclosure so we can stop having to worry about it and deal with it. 

We've had to leave our utilities on ... and we just got our water bill. It's almost $80... and we haven't lived there for the whole billing period. I called to ask why and apparently its the minimum for just having the water  on. The lady said that the minimum price is for 0-500 gallons of water used... so silly!


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

16 Week Appointment

I had a check up yesterday with my OB. Everything looked good. I've started to gain weight (I was losing weight). The baby's heart rate was 158 bpm. My belly is measuring a little big, but that's normal for pregnancy number two.

The only concern is that I am still having frequent migraines and headaches, so my OB wants me to go see a neurologist to try to figure out a pregnancy safe treatment. I should know today when that appointment is.

I go back Sept 17th for my next check up and for the anatomy ultrasound. At that visit we'll be able to find out if the baby is a boy or a girl...if we want...

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

17 Months Old

Emily and Kyle are 17 months old today!!! That means in a month they will be a year and a half old!

Emily and Kyle are growing up so quickly!

The toddles are best friends... most of the time. They love to play with each other and share toys (most of the time). If one of them has something (a toy, a drink, a snack), they typically want to make sure the other one has one too. With toys, they will find two of the same toy they want to play with, and give the other twin one of the toys; Emily has a tendency to upset if she is trying to give a toy to Kyle and he doesn't want to play with it. They also get very concerned if they don't know where their brother/sister is. They also like to share their food; they will pass food back and forth in their high chairs or just feed each other if they aren't in their high chairs.

When one of the toddles is sick or upset, the other one gets very concerned. When Emily is crying, most of the time Kyle will try to give her hugs and kisses (which normally just makes her more upset...). When Kyle is upset, Emily will trying to rub his back or give him a toy to play with.

We have changed up our schedule a little bit...

  • 7:15am - typically the time the toddles wake up
  • 8:00am - eat breakfast
  • 9:00am - morning nap/rest time
  • 10:30am - wake up and have a snack
  • 12:00pm - lunch time
  • 1:00pm - nap time
  • 3:30-4:30pm - wake up and have a snack
  • 5:30pm - dinner
  • 7:00-8:00pm - bath and then bedtime
I hope to get rid of the morning nap in the next couple months. Most of the time, Emily sleeps during their morning nap, but Kyle only does about half of the time. The days Kyle doesn't sleep, he does lay down and rest quietly though.

Emily and Kyle currently are in love with Bananas. They tend to inhale them. Other favorite snacks/food include broccoli, gold fishes, and Teddy Grahams. 

We have been letting Emily and Kyle watch the Olympics a little bit... and they love it. When watching any sport with a ball and constantly point to the TV and say "ball" over and over again. When we watch swimming or diving, they say "pash" (splash) over and over again. They also like to watch the rowing and other boats... and of course, they say "bot" (boat) over and over again.

Emily and Kyle both can climb stairs efficiently (even though Daddy doesn't want Mommy to let them). Most of the time, they will sit at the bottom and wait for a grown up to tell them its okay to climb, but sometimes they climb on their own... which results in getting spanked. They will also stand at the top of the stairs and ask to be picked up when they want down. If it's only a step or two, they will sit down and go down on their bottoms. Kyle has also gotten good at going down one step holding someone's hand.

Kyle and Emily both know what van is ours. If we are leaving the house, we typically let them walk and tell them to go find our "vroom vroom" and they will walk right to our van. They even know which side of the van their car seats are on.

Emily and Kyle know that cells phones are for talking on. They like to hold them up to their ears and talk into them. They both have gotten very good at unlocking Mommy's phone and calling people (mostly Grandma Franks) on Mommy's speed dial. Emily and Kyle loves to carry my phone around during the day, and they typically leave it in weird spots. If I ask them to find Mommy's phone, most of the time one of them will walk right to where my phone is and bring it to me. 

The toddles are getting to be good helpers. Most of the time, they will help pick up their toys. They will carry  their sippies to the van when we are going places. If they are help up to a light switch, they will turn the light on or off. Kyle and Emily love to help put things in the dryer.

When Emily and Kyle are hungry, they smack their lips. Kyle has also learned how to get himself into his high chair.


  • Emily finally got more teeth! In the past two days, her front two top teeth have cut through... so Emily now has four teeth!
  • About two weeks ago, Emily weighed 16lbs1oz with a wet diaper on... not on the growth chart
  • Emily can point out most of her body parts and can point out other people's too.
  • Emily says "Hi," "Whoa," "Bye Bye," "Ball," "Bird," "Vroom Vroom" (car), "Mama," "Mommy," "Dada," "Daddy," "Where's (insert name or object)" around with a shoulder shrug, "Gampa," "Bob" (dog), "Emily," "Bot" (boat), "Pash" (splash), "Block," Boda" (brother), "Ky" (Kyle), "Side" (outside), "Gama," "Duck," "Amen," and tons of other words in her own language
  • Emily does not like it when a grandma or grandpa tells her no and getting into trouble by them... she cries really hard... it's kind of funny.

  • Kyle has eight front teeth (four on top and four on bottom) and all four of his 18 month molars... for a total of 12 teeth.
  • Today Kyle weighed in at 19lbs7oz... not on the growth chart
  • Kyle can point out most of his body parts, but prefers to point them out on other people.
  • Kyle says "Hi," "Bye," "Ball," "Vroom Vroom" (car), "Mama," "Mommy," "Dada," "Gampa," "Bob" (dog),  "Bot" (boat), "Pash" (splash), "Block," "Sissss" (sister), "Sit," "sho" (shoe), "Duck," "Side" (outside), "Mmmm" (yum), and lots of other words in his own language
(I know there aren't any pictures... I'll try to get some up tomorrow)

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Church Visit

This past weekend we went to Versailles Christian Church in Versailles Ohio for a visit/interview.

We left Saturday after breakfast and got there about lunch time. We had lunch in a sports bar in the little town (one of the few places to eat) and then headed over to the church to meet with the pastor. We had a tour of the church and then sat and talked with the pastor for a little bit while Emily and Kyle played in the church nursery. We then were given a tour of the town and were very impressed by how much the town had to offer.

After our tour, we were checked into our room at the Inn of Versailles. It was kind of a cool hotel... but wasn't very toddler friendly! We got settled into our room and put Emily and Kyle down in their pack'n'plays with hopes they would take a nap. I think we all slept for about a half an hour, and then the kiddos wanted to get up and play and continue to explore our room.

Around dinner time, we headed back to the church for dinner with the search committee and their families. After dinner, Emily and Kyle very happily went to the nursery to play while the committee interviewed Brent.  The kiddos did wonderful, considering it was past their bedtime and they hadn't slept much that day. Towards to end, they started to get fussy and wanted Mommy, but they lasted a lot longer than I thought they would.

We went back to the hotel and have the kiddos baths in the jacuzzi that we had in our room. Because it was so big, we decided that one of us needed to get in with them. Emily and Kyle LOVED being in the HUGE bath tub and loved that Mommy took a bath with them. Once they started to get pruney, we got them all dried off and ready for bed. They took a little bit to fall asleep, but did.

About midnight, Emily woke up and wasn't very happy. Brent brought her to our bed and she snuggled right up with me and fell back asleep. I'm pretty sure she was just cold, because once she was sleeping, she didn't want to really cuddle anymore, just wanted to be between Mommy and Daddy.

About 4am Kyle woke up and I figured he was just cold too, so Brent brought him to bed with us. He didn't want Daddy; Kyle only wanted Mommy and didn't want Emily to be touching Mommy while he was cuddling! He wanted me laying on my back and to lay on top of me. Every time I thought it was asleep, I would move so that I could be comfy enough to go to sleep... and he would wake up.

About 5:30, we gave up and trying to get Kyle to sleep... and if Kyle wasn't sleeping, no one was. We decided to let the kids take another bath... there wasn't really much else to do and we didn't want them to continue to scream and wake everyone up around us. They played in the bathtub for about a half an hour and then we gave them a snack... and then tried to put them back to bed in hopes they would take a nap. That idea failed and we played in the room with the few toys that I had brought for them... and then got things packed up and ready to go.

We had breakfast at the Inn at 8:00 and then were on our way to church. I was worried Emily and Kyle were not going to do well in the nursery because of the lack of sleep, but we got to church and they headed to the nursery and wanted to play.

During the first service, we got another tour of the church and saw the different Sunday School classes and then sat in the service for most of the sermon. During the second service, we sat in the service the whole time.

After church we went to someone's house for lunch. At that point our kids were beyond exhausted and weren't the best guests... but that's okay, they are still cute even when they aren't happy! After lunch, we put the kiddos in the van and headed back home. I think they were both sleep within five minutes of when we left and slept all the way home for the most part.

We enjoyed our visit (minus the lack of sleep) and liked the church and the people we met. The church has four men they are looking at and bring in for a visit; we were the second to visit. After the other two men visit the church, their committee with make a decision as to who they want to pursue further. So, we should hear something back from them in the end of August or beginning of September.

Please continue to pray with us as we seek where God is calling us for our next step in ministry.

Friday, August 3, 2012


I had my NT ultrasound today. Everything looked good with the little baby.... the baby actually looks like a baby now and not a gummy bear and was doing flips in my belly. The tech promised me the baby really was flipping and she wasn't flipping the wand around. The baby's heart rate was 158 bpm and I once again have a new due date. This little one is now estimated to enter the world on February 4. So in February we'll see which of the four due dates I've now had is right!

An Evening At the Fair

A Day At the Lake

My mom, her siblings, and cousins all spend their summers growing up on the lake! Her cousin and his wife have rented a cottage on that same lake for a week the past couple summers... we went last Saturday and spend the day with them. Here are some of Grandpa Franks' pictures of the fun we had!

Trying to feed Kyle and Emily lunch without highchairs...

Emily and Kyle's first boat ride! They both loved to be on the boat and watch the water.

Emily liked to be in the water... Kyle, not so much!

Grandpa tried to get Emily and Kyle to sit still for a picture together...

Planning around the tree with cousin Grace.