Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Unexpected Visit to the Doctor

On Sunday afternoon I started to get a headache. By the time we were ready for bed, it was a bad headache. I took some Tylenol PM and hoped that I would feel better in the morning. No such luck. Yesterday morning I work up with an even worse headache. By 9am, I was in LOTS of pain, throwing up, dizzy, seeing spots, and all that fun stuff. I just laid in bed and hoped that I would feel better. Around lunch, I felt a little bit better, so I didn't call the doctor. After Emily and Kyle woke up from their naps and I started running around playing with them, I felt really bad again. I called my OB's office and spoke with a nurse. She told me some things to try and said to call back in the morning if I wasn't feeling better.
This morning, I wasn't feeling better... so I called and they had me come in for an appointment.
My blood pressure was REALLY high, but my urine was negative for other signs of preeclampsia. Because of the negative urine test, the doctor was pretty sure that I was just having a bad migraine and the pain from the migraine was causing my blood pressure to be so high. They gave me some shots (because I was having trouble keeping anything down) and sent me home. Told me to give them a call if I wasn't feeling better. By the time I got home, I was feeling a lot better!
I go back next Tuesday for my normal check-up, so they will recheck my blood pressure and urine then. Hopefully my blood pressure will be back to normal!

I have to say I am very happy with the OB's office I choose. The office I was at for my last pregnancy... it seemed like any time I had problems, they just sent me over to the OB triage at the hospital. I LOVE the fact that this office wanted to see me first. They did tell me that might send me to the hospital after they saw me, but they wanted to see me first to determine if I really needed to go to the hospital. That makes me happy!

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