Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A House and Ministry Update

Bank of America has had our offer since April... and we still haven't received an answer if they are going to accept it or not! Originally the offer expired the end of June, but the buyer extended it until the end of July. We learned yesterday that our appraisal and approval to participate have expired.. but no one is really sure what that means. Our attorney's office is diligently trying to talk to someone at the bank that can give us answers, but so far, all they get is voicemails and no one ever calls back. We're hoping to hear back soon... but not really counting on it.

We do have some exciting news in our ministry search. Brent had a phone interview a couple weeks ago with a church in Ohio. The phone interview went well and the church seems to be the type of church we are looking for. They called last week and invited us to come down for a visit and an in person interview. We are going the first weekend in August!

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