Thursday, July 26, 2012

Double Ear Infections

Emily and Kyle started to get runny noses on Monday and Emily was running a fever on and off. I figured they were just cutting some more teeth. 

Tuesday Emily seemed to have more congestion and started to get a little cough.

Wednesday, Mommy woke up all congested and had a sore throat. Kyle seemed to be starting to feel better, but Emily was very clingy and whiny all day.

This morning, Emily woke up and SCREAMED for 45 minutes. After some Tylenol, she finally calmed down and fell asleep in my lap. When she woke up, she was screaming again... so I called the doctor to see if she could be seen.

Mommy guessed right... Emily has a double ear infection and gets to take pink bubble gum medicine for 10 days. Kyle's a little jealous of the medicine (he cried when I gave it to Emily and he didn't get any), but I think he would rather do without the medicine because that means no ear infections for him.

Hopefully our little miss will feel better soon!

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