Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Doctor's Appointment

I had a prenatal appointment yesterday. Everything went well.
 My blood pressure was back to normal.
 I'm back to my pre-pregnancy weight.
 The baby's heart rate was 168 bpm.

My doctor hesitantly changed my due date to go along with my dating ultrasound. She said that it was right at the cut off point where they change due dates and was even more hesitant because of how big my uterus felt... but she changed it for now. My new due date is February 8th.

I'm having another ultrasound next Friday.

Because the Zofran hasn't been completely helping with my nausea, gave me two other anti-nausea meds to try in coordination with the Zofran. I picked them up this morning, so we'll see. I haven't been throwing up as much the past week... I just constantly feel like I am going to throw up, which is no fun.

She also prescribed a prenatal cradle belt for me. She said that I'm probably going to need the extra support because of the fact I broke my back nine months ago.

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