Thursday, July 5, 2012

Another One!

Yep! We are having another BABY!

I started this post when we found our we were pregnant, but wasn't ready to post it until now. I wanted to document memories and such from the beginning just like we did when we were pregnant with Emily and Kyle, even though we weren't ready to share our exciting news yet. If you care to read below, you can see the different entries from the dates noted. If not.. that's fine too! Just enjoy our new and celebrate our new blessing with us!

In case you were wondering... we weren't actually "trying" to get pregnant... but we weren't doing anything to prevent it either... There was some hope that we would be able to get pregnant the old fashion way, but we didn't know for sure. We decided that we would just leave it in the hands of God... and apparently God thought we needed another child!

June 3
I realized this morning that I was several days late... so I took a pregnancy test. It was positive. I know they don't lie [often], but I didn't really believe it. Later in the day I took a digital pregnancy test... and when the word "pregnant" popped up, it was a little hard not to believe!

We decided we were going to tell our families until Father's Day weekend because my Mom and Mike are out of town and I really want to be able to tell our families in person this time.

June 4
I had to go to the doctor to take an "official" pregnancy test today so that I could get insurance... and Kara was hanging out with the toddles and I all day today.... so at lunch time Emily and Kyle told Aunt Kara about the baby in my belly. She cried :)

Brent called his sister Alyssa (who we won't see Father's Day weekend) and told her!

My "official" pregnancy test gave us the same results as the two at home. The nurse told me I made her day with how excited I was :)

The nausea has begun... no throwing up yet, but I sure feel like I could.

June 10
We (really I) decided that we didn't want to wait until Father's Day weekend to start telling family. We told Brent's parents and grandparents and one of his aunts today after church! I'm way more fun telling people in person that it was telling people over the phone. Specially because this time no one is expecting it!

I threw up last night for the first time.... hopefully it will be the only time!

June 15
I told my mom and Mike today. They were both very excited!

It's crazy how much of a belly I have already. A couple days ago, a random stranger asked me when my baby was due. It shocked me... I wasn't really sure how to respond! I have packed up all my regular jeans and pulled out all my maternity ones.

June 20
And the morning, noon, and night sickness has begun :( Monday I threw up on and off all day. Yesterday, I felt like I was going to throw up all day, but only did twice. Hopefully it won't get as bad as it did last time I was pregnant.

June 25
Yep, still puking! And I've lost 2lbs :(

I had my first OB appointment today. Everything looked good. She ordered a level II ultrasound to determine exactly how far along I am. Normally they base it on your last period, but because my periods weren't regular, she wants to do an ultrasound. And because I am having the level II ultrasound next week, there wasn't one done in the office today... so we still don't know how many babies are in my belly. I am pretty sure there is just one, but everyone else in the world seems to think there is more than one.

I also got an RX for my best friend - Zofran! Yay for hopefully less puking!

June 29
For the most part, the Zofran is helping... but I am still puking every once in a while.

I'm am exhausted, so I'm sure that doesn't help with things... Emily and Kyle have decided that didn't want to take naps this week, so my normal down time has disappeared. I also haven't been sleeping well at night. After taking forever to fall asleep, I am normally woken up by horrible nightmares; I had crazy dreams last night I was pregnant too... but this time instead of random people dying or getting hurt in my dreams, it has been Emily and Kyle. The dreams are so real... normally when they wake me up, I have to go into the toddles room and check to make sure they are both okay... and then it takes me forever to fall asleep again!

July 3
Still puking... and I've lost more weight! Hopefully I won't lose as much as I did when I was pregnant with Kyle and Emily...

Emily and Kyle LOVE to give the baby kisses! You ask them where the baby is and they go right to my belly. They give the baby kisses every night before they go to bed. Emily often will lay with her head on my belly and talk to the baby. It's pretty cute! :)

June 5
I was right! There is just one baby in my belly this time!

Everything looked good on the ultrasound. The baby is measuring at 8 weeks and 6 days and according to my last period I am 9 weeks and 4 days pregnant. The ultrasound tech said that it's close enough they probably won't change my due date, but I will have to wait to find that out when I see my doctor on July 24th. So as of right now, I am still due Feb 3rd!

You can see the baby's little head and arm and leg buds. One the screen I could see the baby squirming around in my belly! It makes the pregnancy feel a lot more real now that I've actually seen the baby and heard the baby's heart beat! (Not that the throwing up and growing belly didn't make it seem real...)

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