Sunday, July 8, 2012

16 Months Old

16 months old sounds so much older than 15 months old! 

Over the past month, Emily and Kyle have begun to play with each other even more. They love to watch each other and make faces at each other. They have conversations (that only they can understand). They love to give each other hugs and kisses. They love to follow each other around. They ALWAYS have to know what the other one is up to! 

Food wise, Emily and Kyle still are eating pretty much whatever we give them. They LOVE fruit and veggies and love to drink water. They are using plates or bowls at all of their meals. A couple weeks ago, they started using silverware too! They somewhat get the idea with silverware... most of the time they the spoon or fork goes into their mouth after the shovel the food in with their other hand. I've started giving them Kix Cereal sometimes instead of Cheerios... they LOVE these and stuff them into their mouths like there's no tomorrow!

Emily and Kyle have figured out how to take each other's diapers off. When it was SOOOO hot, they normally just wore their diapers around the house. They started to pick at their own diapers and when they realized they couldn't get their own snaps off, they started to try to help each other. Luckily after a couple good spankings, they seemed to have gotten the idea they need to leave their diapers on.

We are kind of hit or miss with naps lately. Most days, Emily and Kyle are still taking their morning nap. For a while, they were going down around 9am for their nap and sleeping until Noon. They were starting to not go to sleep right away and lay and whine for a while, so I have starting letting them stay up a little bit longer and most mornings they are now going down for their naps between 9:30 and 10am and falling asleep pretty quickly and have been sleeping until 12:30 or so. In the afternoons, I let them play until they start getting grumpy. Some days its around 2pm and other times it's not until 4pm or so. When they start to get grumpy, I put them in their cribs and sometimes they sleep and other times they just rest... but normally there is a major improvement to their attitude! Bedtime has been between 7pm and 7:30 most days and they normally wake up around 7am. 

Emily and Kyle both know where the baby is. Most of the time when they are asked to find the baby, they will lift up my shirt and point to my belly. They both give the baby kisses every night before bed and several times throughout the day. Emily likes to lay her head on my belly and talk to the baby. Hopefully they will love the baby just as much when its no longer in my belly!

Emily and Kyle LOVE to read books. They will sit and read them by themselves, they will read them to each other, or sit in someone's lap and listen. They love books that have cars, dogs, and balls in them and will point out objects on pages when asked.

Emily and Kyle are getting good at following simple commands, such at "sit down," "stand up," "get your shoes"... They do tend to have a problem with "come here"... specially at night time when we are trying to put night night diapers on and jammies. I think this is more of a "I don't want too" then a "I don't understand."


  • Emily still only has 2 teeth!
  • Emily is wearing mostly 9 month clothes... she does have a few 6 month outfits in her drawers that still fit her.
  • Emily can point out her button, her nose, her eyes, her ears, her hair, her tongue, and her mouth. She can point most of these out on other people as well.
  • Emily says "Hi," "Whoa," "Bye Bye," "Ball," "Bird," "Vroom Vroom" (car), "Mama," "Mommy," "Dada," "Daddy," "Where's (insert name or object)" around with a shoulder shrug, "Gampa," "Bob" (dog), and "Emily"

  • Kyle is up to 10 teeth! He has seven in front and three of his 18 month molars.
  • Kyle is wearing mostly 12 month clothes, but does have a few 9 month outfits in his drawers that still fit him.
  • Kyle can point out his button, his nose, and his eyes pretty much all the time. Every once in a while he can point of his ears and his teeth. 
  • Kyle says "Hi," "Bye," "Ball," "Vroom Vroom" (car), "Mama," "Mommy," "Dada," "Gampa," and "Bob" (dog)
  • Kyle loves to make "cheeses" for the camera!

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