Saturday, June 30, 2012

Daddy's Pictures

Emily helped Daddy take one of Mommy!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

More Teeth for the Buddy

Last week Kyle got another tooth on the bottom in front. And a couple days ago one on the bottom in the back started the break through. His mouth is hurting him as the back one continues to cut through his gum, but it bring Kyle up to eight teeth!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Today at lunch, I put Emily and Kyle's food on plates and gave them plates for the first time. I was sure they were going to just throw them on the floor.

Instead... they ate off their plates!

Until they were done eating...

Then they started to play with their plates...

Books! Books! Books!

Kyle and Emily have loved books since they started to actually play with toys. Lately though, they have been actually using books for reading instead of to chew on. They love to sit in a lap and having someone read them a story. They LOVE to turn the pages. They have also started to sit by themselves in "read" stories.

They also tend to leave a trail of books during play time...

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Best Friends!

I'm so glad that Emily and Kyle love each other and are best friends! When they think no one is watching, they love to get all cuddly together.

Then they realized I was taking pictures... and Kyle hopped right out of the chair!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

15 Month Well Child Visits

All went well at our visit with the new doctor. The kiddos are both healthy!

Emily is 15lbs and 10 oz (below the 5th percentile) and 28.15 inches long (below the 5th percentile) .

Kyle is 19 lbs and 2 oz (below the 5th percentile) and 30.75 inches long (50th percentile).

They both got three shots.... and both screamed... until they got stickers... then they were happy!

Monday, June 11, 2012


I was really afraid to try to put Emily's hair in a ponytail of any sort.... I was afraid of what Kyle might try to do.

She looked REALLY cute...

Kyle looked... but didn't touch...

And then life went on as normal...

Friday, June 8, 2012

15 Months Old!

Kyle and Emily are growing up so quickly! It's hard to believe they are already 15 months old!

We are all done with bottles! It's been about three weeks now and the toddles are drinking about 8oz a day of whole milk from sippy cups! They are also getting diary in forms of cheese and yogurt daily. Some days we really struggle to get them to drink their milk and other days they suck it right down and want more.

Food wise, they are still eating pretty much everything and anything. Kyle has learned to smell things... and if he happens to smell is food before he eats it and doesn't like the smell of it, it won't eat it, even if it is something he normally likes. Emily and Kyle eat LOTS of fruit (mostly bananas, strawberries, and blueberries). Most of the time they love their green veggies. They eat lots of chicken and cheese-a-dias. They pretty much eat whatever we eat... every once in a while I will have to modify what we are eating so that it's something they can eat. When we had tacos the other day, I made them a cheese-a-dia and added beans and taco meat to it. They seemed to enjoy that.

Emily and Kyle LOVE cheerios. I started putting them on their table in the living room so that they could snack on them while playing and such. If the table doesn't have any "O's" on it, they will stand at the gate keeping them out of the kitchen and point at the box of Cheerios. It's pretty cute. They also are fond of the Baby Goldfish crackers and Teddy Grahams.

Our schedule has kind of stayed the same. I think they are right at the verge of only needing one nap some days, but then other days they sleep and sleep and sleep! Since our trip to Chicago a couple weeks ago though, they have been waking up earlier in the morning. Most days they are up and ready to play around 7am now instead of 8am.

Kyle and Emily still love to play outside. They are now able to go up the stairs and down the slide all by themselves at the little playground in our complex. They also love to just wander around and watch people and animals, smell flowers and plants, try to walk up and down hills, and all the other fun stuff outside. We have fun watching them walk up and down the little hill right outside our townhouse; it normally involves some rolling!

Kyle and Emily not only walk very proficiently now, they also are starting to run! And normally its in opposite directions when we are playing outside during the day and it's just Mommy and the Toddles!


  • Emily is wearing 9 month clothes.
  • Emily still only has 2 teeth.
  • Emily says "Hi" and "Whoa" constantly. She'll have a whole conversation with someone using just two words.
  • Emily can show you where her [belly] button is and where here nose is. Normally she sticks her finger inside her nose when she's showing you. She can sometimes point out her eyes and ears too. She's also good at find other people's buttons.
  • Emily is very concerned when people are upset. Kyle headbutted me in the nose a couple days ago and it brought tears to my eyes. Emily rushed right over to me and wouldn't leave my side until she knew that I was okay.


  • Kyle is wearing mostly 12 month clothes. He still has a couple 9 month outfits in his drawers that fit him.
  • Kyle still has 6 teeth.
  • Kyle loves to give Emily kisses.
  • Kyle loves to give raspberries to people on any exposed skin he can find.
  • Kyle is CRAZY about his grandpas.
  • Kyle can show you where his button is... and anyone else's button.
  • Kyle normally thinks about Emily. If Kyle has a drink, he wants Emily to have one too... even if she doesn't want one. If Kyle is playing with a toy and there is a similar one available, he will take it to Emily and try to get her to play with it too.

We go to the doctor next Tuesday for their 15 months well child visits! I'm kind of nervous about seeing a new pediatrician, but I'm sure it will be all good! After their visit, I'll post about how much they have grown!

If you haven't notice... I've given up on the block pictures. It's hard enough to get decent pictures of Kyle and Emily now that they move non-stop... getting pictures with blocks is next to impossible!