Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Fourteen Months Old!

(We didn't get a change to take pictures with blocks today... but I did take some without the blocks... so that's what you get. Tomorrow I will try to remember to take some with blocks.)

Emily and Kyle are growing up so quickly! They are learning new things every day and continually amaze me.

  • Kyle and Emily normally wake up between 7:30 and 8:00am. When they wake up, I go in and get them out of their cribs and change their diapers. Sometimes I get them dressed for the day and sometimes I just leave them in their jammies.
  • After Emily and Kyle have clean butts, we play for a couple minutes. Normally around 8:30am, we head downstairs and Emily and Kyle eat breakfast. Typically they eat fruit, yogurt, and either pancakes or french toast sticks. 
  • After breakfast we normally play downstairs until the toddles start to get sleepy. Normally around 9:30am, we head upstairs and Kyle and Emily get clean diapers and get dressed for the day if they still have their jammies on. By 10:00am, they are normally in bed and sleeping.
  • Between 12:30 and 1:00pm, Emily and Kyle normally wake up from their nap. I change their diapers and then we head downstairs for lunch. After lunch, we play downstairs for a little bit. If its nice outside, we'll go for a walk or just play outside in front of our townhouse. 
  • Around 2:30pm or so, we have snack time. After snacks, we normally head upstairs for clean diapers and to play in their bedroom for a little while. 
  • Around 3:30 or so, Emily and Kyle go down for their afternoon nap. 
  • The toddles normally wake up between 4:30 and 5:00pm. They get clean diapers and normally play upstairs in their bedroom with Brent while I work on dinner.
  • Between 5:30 and 6:00pm, we eat dinner and then play for a little while.
  • Around 6:30pm, Emily and Kyle normally get baths and then get ready for bed.
  • Around 7:00pm, we read the Bible and pray with the toddles, and then they go to bed. 

As far as bottles go, the toddles are still only getting one... at bedtime. Yesterday we started to reduce the amount of breast milk in the bottle and hopefully will have it gone by the end of next week. Kyle is very attached to this bottle and hasn't been feeling well, so I don't have to just take it away. Plus, I'm afraid if I just take it away, we are going to have hungry toddles waking up in the middle of the night!

Emily and Kyle LOVE to play outside. They will often bring me their shoes or stand at the door during the day and make it VERY clear they want to go outside. They love to wander around the sidewalk and pick weeds. They also love to "people watch" when our neighbors are outside. We have a small little playground in our complex with a little slide that they love to play on. Every time they see it, they point and want to play. We also have a big playground across the street from us. They get very excited when we go for walks towards the playground. They love to play on slides and to climb up the stairs and to go on swings. We have issues when its time to go inside... normally two toddles sitting on the floor inside the door screaming as I take off their shoes! 

They also love to ride in the stroller and look around when we go on walks outside.

In the past couple weeks, Emily and Kyle have started to give each other hugs and kisses unprompted. In the past, they would give each other hugs and kisses if they were told to. Now they will randomly walk up to each other and give hugs and kisses. It's super cute!

They are also like to make sure the other one has a drink or a snack. If only one of them is drinking, the one who has a drink will find the other cup and give it to the other one. Same thing with snacks. If one is eating a snack, they will take a snack to the other one and try to stick it in their mouth. It's funny to watch. I love that they love each other and are always thinking of each other. 

Emily and Kyle also love to play with their chairs. For their birthday, Grandma and Grandpa Franks got them the table and chairs you see in the pictures. They love to push the chairs around the living room and they love to sit (climb on) in the chairs. When they actually sit in them the correct way, they are proud of themselves and clap!

Kyle and Emily love to swim. We went to the Mason High School pool a couple weeks ago. At first, Kyle wasn't too sure, but after a bit, both toddles were laughing and having a good time. We went swimming again in the kiddie pool at Grandma and Grandpa's house and they enjoyed that as well. We plan on swimming a lot this summer!

Emily and Kyle definitely have the same obsession as Mommy's when it comes to ice cream. They also love fruit and green veggies. It must have been their taste buds that made me crave green veggies when they were in my belly!

It is fun listening to Kyle and Emily talk to each other. I'm pretty sure they understand each other and have conversations about all sorts of things.

  • Emily LOVES to say Hi to people. Since she has known how to wave, she has always gone a little crazy waving at everyone and everything. In the past couple weeks she has learned how to say "HI". So now, she waves at people and if they don't respond, she adds a verbal "HI" to her wave. It's very cute.
  • Emily's other obsession is pointing at stuff and saying "BA." It was kind of cute at first, but it has gotten kind of annoying. Sometimes its easy to figure out what she is talking about or wants... other times, it is impossible.
  • Emily babbles a lot. She says "Dada" and "Mama" and "Dat" and a whole bunch of other sounds that kind of sound like words. Everyone once in a while she will say "Broder" or "Ky."
  • Emily has been having issues with a diaper rash for the past couple months. At night and during nap time, she has been wearing a disposable diaper so that we can put ointment on her. She is still wearing a size 2 disposable.
  • When we are playing outside, Emily does not like to get her hands dirty.
  • Emily is wearing a wide range of clothes... anywhere from 3-6 months to 9 months. 
  • It is very easy to get Emily to giggle... and her giggle is contagious. 
  • Emily's hair is getting more curls as its getting longer.
  • Emily still only has two teeth.
  • Kyle LOVES to watch people when we are out and about. When we are eating out, it's hard to get him to eat because he gets so distracted by all of the people. 
  • Kyle will have a conversation with you if you catch him in the right mood. He doesn't talk as often as Emily, but it is a little easier to figure out what he is trying to say or what he wants when he does talk.
  • Kyle is very much a Mama's boy.
  • Kyle loves to have his picture taken. Most of the time when he sees a camera he turns into a little ham and does all sorts of "cheeses" and other cute things. 
  • When we are playing outside, Kyle loves to play in the dirt and get his hands dirty.
  • Kyle loves to climb on EVERYTHING and seems to have no fear when it comes to falling.
  • Kyle is wearing some 9 month clothes, but mostly 9-12 month and 12 month clothes.
  • Kyle still has six teeth.

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