Friday, April 27, 2012

Wait? What? They're twins?

I just read another twin mom blog post about the crazy comments she gets from random strangers when she has her twins out... It reminded me of all the crazy comments I've gotten recently.

My favorite is when people ask me with Emily and Kyle are twins and then try to argue with me when I say "yes." It really throws people off that Emily is smaller than Kyle, but really... she's not 9 months smaller than her, so what other option is there besides them being twins.
Right after we moved I was in Menards with the toddles and someone stopped as asked me how I had two kids so close in age. When I told her they were twins, she tried to convince me that Emily was conceived at least two months after Kyle. She didn't believe me when I told her that I saw them both on an ultrasound about a week after I found out I was pregnant...

A couple days ago we were out for a walk. When we were headed back to our townhouse one of our neighbors stopped to talk to us. She was convinced that I had two boys... even though Emily was wearing a pink jacket. Finally, after she decided that Emily "might" be a girl, she told me how beautiful Kyle's eyes were. I politely said "thank you" and told her that I think they both have pretty eyes. She then said "No, just boy has pretty eyes" in her broken English...

I don't remember where I was... but someone said something along of the lines of "one of each, now you're done." Normally I just say "we'll see" or something along those lines, but I can only hear this comment so many times before it bugs me for some reason. That day instead of saying "we'll see" or whatever... I said "My husband and I don't believe in birth control" and walk away. The look on the lady's face was priceless :) (Just for the record, we do believe in birth control... how do you think we were able to wait so long to have kids?)

I also still get lots of comments like "you have your hands full" and "so glad you're the one with twins and not me" and all the other craziness... maybe one day it will stop... but probably not :) I've learned just to smile and keep on walking and not to let it bother me as much any more. So far, it's really been the only downside of being a twin mom... well, maybe that and double the amount of poopy diapers :)

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