Monday, April 16, 2012

Ups and Downs

It's hard to believe Brent is already starting his second week of work in Michigan! It's also hard to believe all that has happened in the past week and a half!

Last Saturday we moved into our townhouse. On Sunday, Brent's cousin Thomas and his wife Allie (who live in Lansing) came over for Easter dinner and we played Mario Cart. After they left, Brent and I took Kyle and Emily to Meijer to go grocery shopping.

Monday we found out that Kara was coming home from boot camp. She had been medically separated due to something pretty stupid (she's fine, no need to be concerned for her health). She tried to fight to be able to stay and go back to boot camp, but lost her appeal.

Monday night when Brent got home from work, my mom and I went to look at vans but didn't really find anything I liked.

Tuesday night, my mom and I went out again to look at vans and found one that I liked.

Wednesday afternoon the babies and I met my mom and Michael (my step-dad) after work at the car dealership so that Michael could check out the van. He found a few things wrong with it but the owner of the dealership said he would take care of getting them fixed. We told him that we would talk about it and be in touch of Thursday.

After looking at the car, my mom, Michael and I went to pick Kara up from the airport. It was bittersweet to see her... I really missed her and was happy to be able to give her a hug and such... but at the same time I was sad that she was no longer at boot camp.

Kara came back to our house on Wednesday and spent the night.

Thursday we decided that we were going to buy the van, so Kara, the babies, and I went to Steak'n'Shake for lunch and then went over and put down a deposit on the van so they would start the repairs.

Kara spent the night again on Thursday and my mom came over for dinner to spend a little more time with Kara.

Our van was supposed to be ready on Friday afternoon, so my mom came over after work to pick me up and take me to the dealership and Michael met us there. Kara stayed home with the toddles and Brent got home just as we were leaving.

When we got to the dealership, the van wasn't ready. A few of the things the owner had promised would be fixed, weren't fixed or weren't fixed the correct way. There was also a "small" issue with the breaks. After what seemed like forever (really, a couple hours), we were on our way out of there with the expectation I would return in the morning for a "quick fix" for the issue with the breaks.

Saturday.... oh my! I was at the dealership at 11am when they opened... and I didn't leave until 4pm... and because their story seemed a little shady... I went to my mom and Michael's house to get everything checked out because we put the toddles in the van to drive to Battle Creek on Sunday.

On the way to Williamston, our Realtor called to inform us we had an offer!

Once Michael check out the van and determined it was safe to drive and that the who had worked on it were idiots... I was finally on my way back home.

Sunday we drove to Battle Creek for church and such. When we got home, there was a nasty "hot" smell coming from one of the brakes.

Sunday night we got a second offer on our house.

Today, I took the van to a local shop to get a brake inspection so that we could have documentation of how bad the dealership screwed up. The mechanic took apart the brakes more than Michael had and found some more issues... and I ended up needing parts for everything to be put back together safely...

This afternoon Kara was here... and my grandma and cousin and her baby came over for a little while. And then Alyssa and Nora (our newest niece) came over for a little while.

This evening we signed the offer we accepted and our Realtor has it almost ready to send to the bank in the morning....

Michael and I have a plan of "attack" for the van and the "wonderful" dealership...

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