Monday, April 16, 2012

Our New Home

Our townhouse came with a new pet... a HUGE squirrel!

Emily and Kyle were very good helpers when it came to unpacking!

We found a playground very close by... Grandma and Aunt Kara came to play with us!

We like our new house... but we like to be outside more... and if Mommy and Daddy don't let us go outside... then we stand at the window and beg to go outside and play.

Now that the cute kiddo pictures are out of the way... here's picture of our townhouse...

The upstairs bathroom

Our bedroom

The stairs (the front door is at the bottom) that I WILL NOT fall down!

The kitchen (the door at the end is a bathroom)

The downstairs bathroom

The pantry in the bathroom

 The kitchen and dining room

The dining room

The living room

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