Monday, April 2, 2012

Not So Sure What's Going On...

Over the past week (specially this past weekend) we've gotten serious about the whole packing thing. Throughout last week, I packed when I had the chance and Brent's Mom was here this weekend to help us pack. Thanks to Mom we pretty much have everything, except the stuff we need for the next couple days, packed in boxes... and we have boxes all over our house. The other exception is Emily and Kyle's toys and stuff in their room. I've packed up some stuff from their room, but I have been trying to keep it as "normal" as possible in there for them.

Emily and Kyle know something weird is happened and they aren't too sure about it. When they first saw the packed boxes, they didn't really like them. Now they try to play with the boxes.

Last week we were having issues with Kyle eating too much at meals and making himself puke. I asked the doctor about it and he said it's probably emotional because he knows something is going on, but isn't sure what and the amount of food he eats is something he can control.

On Saturday night, Emily spend most of the night in our bed cuddling with me. I don't think she felt very good, but I also wonder if there was an emotional component to it. She would sleep as long as she was snuggle close to me, but as soon as she wasn't touching me she would wake up and scream.

Last night was Kyle's turn. He slept in bed with us for several hours, but was just tossing and turning and keeping both of us awake.

Poor toddles... I think I could help them understand that we are all going to Michigan and all of our stuff is going too! Hopefully we won't have any more screaming in the middle of the night and this week will go quickly so we can establish a new "normal" and the toddles can relax!

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