Friday, April 20, 2012

"Mommy, it's nap time!"

Brent normally leaves for work around 7:40 and he has been waking up Emily and Kyle just before he leaves and changing their diapers and playing for a couple minutes. He went into work an hour early this morning, so he didn't wake them up before he left. I woke up and pumped like normal and then went back to bed in hopes Emily and Kyle would sleep in.... and that they did! They woke up just before 8:30!

They have been going down for their morning nap between 9:00 and 9:30, but because they slept in an extra hour, I was just going to let them play until they got sleepy. At 9:35, Kyle brought me a clean diaper and laid down in front of me... like he wanted his diaper changed. So, I changed his diaper. Then, Kyle brought me Emily's diaper and got Emily to come over to where I was sitting. So, I changed Emily's diaper. Kyle then found both of their monkeys (sleep sacks) and brought them to me and pretty much put his on himself. So, I helped Kyle finish getting his monkey on, and then put Emily's on her. Kyle then waddle over to his crib and reached up and started making his "I want" noise. I put him in his crib and he got the biggest smile on his face and cuddled up with Mr. E (his lovely) and was asleep by the time I got Emily all settled in her crib.

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