Tuesday, April 24, 2012


We are still doing two bottles of breastmilk a day... but over the past couple weeks I have been giving Emily and Kyle less and less breastmilk in their morning bottle. They are down to 4oz in their morning bottle... and they are still getting 9oz of breastmilk in their night time bottle.

During the day, they drink lots of water from a variety of sippy cups. Their new favorites are the Tommy Tippies with soft straws. They are similar to Aunt Kara's Camleback water bottle, which they LOVE to drink from, so it only makes sense that these would be their favorite sippies.

Emily and Kyle have been drinking whole milk pretty consistently in the afternoon and recently I have also started giving them some after breakfast and with dinner. They are drinking between 8 and 12oz of whole milk a day; a little bit at each meal and at snack time. Last week (or maybe two weeks ago...) I discovered that if I gave them their whole milk in cups with straws they drink it WAY better than if it's in a sippie cup. We have been using the Zip Lock cups and the "Take'n'Toss" cups with the lids and straws.

Because they are getting their milk during meal times and not in sippies, they are only getting their two bottles in their crib! Normally they go back to sleep for a little bit after their morning bottle, so once they are no longer getting this bottle, they might be up for the day a little bit earlier... For their night time bottle, we try to get them to lay on the floor and drink their bottle or cuddle in a lap before they go to bed. We DO NOT let them wander around with the bottle or play with it. Most of the time they drink about half of their bottles before bedtime and finish up the second half in bed.

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