Sunday, April 8, 2012

13 Months Old

Emily and Kyle are walking, running, and climbing. They are into everything! They love to play outside and when we are inside, they like to look outside through the windows.

We are down to two bottles a day of breast milk, one in the morning and one at night. In the afternoon, the toddles have a sippy cup of whole milk. They seem to have adjusted just fine to the whole milk. Once we are all settled in and back on a routine, we will start to transition away their two bottles.

Our schedule is pretty much the same as it was last month. As we settle into a new routine with Brent's new work schedule and stuff, I'm sure their schedule will be adjusted a little bit.

Emily and Kyle are best friends. They love to play with each other and give each other kisses. They are getting better at sharing toys, and trading toys. When they aren't playing together, they are normally curious what the other one is doing. They love to wander around and follow each other around.

Kyle and Emily have gotten very good at letting us know what they want. They smack their lips when they are hungry or want a drink. They will point and make noise if there is something they want and can't reach it.

  • Emily is still wearing mostly 6 month clothes. Some of the dresses are starting to get too short for her, but other than that, everything still fits her well.
  • Emily has two teeth.

  • Kyle is wear some 9 months and some 12 months clothes. It depends on what the clothes are... he's too long for some 9 months, but the 12 months are still kind of big on him.
  • Kyle has six teeth.

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