Friday, April 27, 2012

Wait? What? They're twins?

I just read another twin mom blog post about the crazy comments she gets from random strangers when she has her twins out... It reminded me of all the crazy comments I've gotten recently.

My favorite is when people ask me with Emily and Kyle are twins and then try to argue with me when I say "yes." It really throws people off that Emily is smaller than Kyle, but really... she's not 9 months smaller than her, so what other option is there besides them being twins.
Right after we moved I was in Menards with the toddles and someone stopped as asked me how I had two kids so close in age. When I told her they were twins, she tried to convince me that Emily was conceived at least two months after Kyle. She didn't believe me when I told her that I saw them both on an ultrasound about a week after I found out I was pregnant...

A couple days ago we were out for a walk. When we were headed back to our townhouse one of our neighbors stopped to talk to us. She was convinced that I had two boys... even though Emily was wearing a pink jacket. Finally, after she decided that Emily "might" be a girl, she told me how beautiful Kyle's eyes were. I politely said "thank you" and told her that I think they both have pretty eyes. She then said "No, just boy has pretty eyes" in her broken English...

I don't remember where I was... but someone said something along of the lines of "one of each, now you're done." Normally I just say "we'll see" or something along those lines, but I can only hear this comment so many times before it bugs me for some reason. That day instead of saying "we'll see" or whatever... I said "My husband and I don't believe in birth control" and walk away. The look on the lady's face was priceless :) (Just for the record, we do believe in birth control... how do you think we were able to wait so long to have kids?)

I also still get lots of comments like "you have your hands full" and "so glad you're the one with twins and not me" and all the other craziness... maybe one day it will stop... but probably not :) I've learned just to smile and keep on walking and not to let it bother me as much any more. So far, it's really been the only downside of being a twin mom... well, maybe that and double the amount of poopy diapers :)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


We are still doing two bottles of breastmilk a day... but over the past couple weeks I have been giving Emily and Kyle less and less breastmilk in their morning bottle. They are down to 4oz in their morning bottle... and they are still getting 9oz of breastmilk in their night time bottle.

During the day, they drink lots of water from a variety of sippy cups. Their new favorites are the Tommy Tippies with soft straws. They are similar to Aunt Kara's Camleback water bottle, which they LOVE to drink from, so it only makes sense that these would be their favorite sippies.

Emily and Kyle have been drinking whole milk pretty consistently in the afternoon and recently I have also started giving them some after breakfast and with dinner. They are drinking between 8 and 12oz of whole milk a day; a little bit at each meal and at snack time. Last week (or maybe two weeks ago...) I discovered that if I gave them their whole milk in cups with straws they drink it WAY better than if it's in a sippie cup. We have been using the Zip Lock cups and the "Take'n'Toss" cups with the lids and straws.

Because they are getting their milk during meal times and not in sippies, they are only getting their two bottles in their crib! Normally they go back to sleep for a little bit after their morning bottle, so once they are no longer getting this bottle, they might be up for the day a little bit earlier... For their night time bottle, we try to get them to lay on the floor and drink their bottle or cuddle in a lap before they go to bed. We DO NOT let them wander around with the bottle or play with it. Most of the time they drink about half of their bottles before bedtime and finish up the second half in bed.

Friday, April 20, 2012

"Mommy, it's nap time!"

Brent normally leaves for work around 7:40 and he has been waking up Emily and Kyle just before he leaves and changing their diapers and playing for a couple minutes. He went into work an hour early this morning, so he didn't wake them up before he left. I woke up and pumped like normal and then went back to bed in hopes Emily and Kyle would sleep in.... and that they did! They woke up just before 8:30!

They have been going down for their morning nap between 9:00 and 9:30, but because they slept in an extra hour, I was just going to let them play until they got sleepy. At 9:35, Kyle brought me a clean diaper and laid down in front of me... like he wanted his diaper changed. So, I changed his diaper. Then, Kyle brought me Emily's diaper and got Emily to come over to where I was sitting. So, I changed Emily's diaper. Kyle then found both of their monkeys (sleep sacks) and brought them to me and pretty much put his on himself. So, I helped Kyle finish getting his monkey on, and then put Emily's on her. Kyle then waddle over to his crib and reached up and started making his "I want" noise. I put him in his crib and he got the biggest smile on his face and cuddled up with Mr. E (his lovely) and was asleep by the time I got Emily all settled in her crib.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Our New Home

Our townhouse came with a new pet... a HUGE squirrel!

Emily and Kyle were very good helpers when it came to unpacking!

We found a playground very close by... Grandma and Aunt Kara came to play with us!

We like our new house... but we like to be outside more... and if Mommy and Daddy don't let us go outside... then we stand at the window and beg to go outside and play.

Now that the cute kiddo pictures are out of the way... here's picture of our townhouse...

The upstairs bathroom

Our bedroom

The stairs (the front door is at the bottom) that I WILL NOT fall down!

The kitchen (the door at the end is a bathroom)

The downstairs bathroom

The pantry in the bathroom

 The kitchen and dining room

The dining room

The living room

Ups and Downs

It's hard to believe Brent is already starting his second week of work in Michigan! It's also hard to believe all that has happened in the past week and a half!

Last Saturday we moved into our townhouse. On Sunday, Brent's cousin Thomas and his wife Allie (who live in Lansing) came over for Easter dinner and we played Mario Cart. After they left, Brent and I took Kyle and Emily to Meijer to go grocery shopping.

Monday we found out that Kara was coming home from boot camp. She had been medically separated due to something pretty stupid (she's fine, no need to be concerned for her health). She tried to fight to be able to stay and go back to boot camp, but lost her appeal.

Monday night when Brent got home from work, my mom and I went to look at vans but didn't really find anything I liked.

Tuesday night, my mom and I went out again to look at vans and found one that I liked.

Wednesday afternoon the babies and I met my mom and Michael (my step-dad) after work at the car dealership so that Michael could check out the van. He found a few things wrong with it but the owner of the dealership said he would take care of getting them fixed. We told him that we would talk about it and be in touch of Thursday.

After looking at the car, my mom, Michael and I went to pick Kara up from the airport. It was bittersweet to see her... I really missed her and was happy to be able to give her a hug and such... but at the same time I was sad that she was no longer at boot camp.

Kara came back to our house on Wednesday and spent the night.

Thursday we decided that we were going to buy the van, so Kara, the babies, and I went to Steak'n'Shake for lunch and then went over and put down a deposit on the van so they would start the repairs.

Kara spent the night again on Thursday and my mom came over for dinner to spend a little more time with Kara.

Our van was supposed to be ready on Friday afternoon, so my mom came over after work to pick me up and take me to the dealership and Michael met us there. Kara stayed home with the toddles and Brent got home just as we were leaving.

When we got to the dealership, the van wasn't ready. A few of the things the owner had promised would be fixed, weren't fixed or weren't fixed the correct way. There was also a "small" issue with the breaks. After what seemed like forever (really, a couple hours), we were on our way out of there with the expectation I would return in the morning for a "quick fix" for the issue with the breaks.

Saturday.... oh my! I was at the dealership at 11am when they opened... and I didn't leave until 4pm... and because their story seemed a little shady... I went to my mom and Michael's house to get everything checked out because we put the toddles in the van to drive to Battle Creek on Sunday.

On the way to Williamston, our Realtor called to inform us we had an offer!

Once Michael check out the van and determined it was safe to drive and that the who had worked on it were idiots... I was finally on my way back home.

Sunday we drove to Battle Creek for church and such. When we got home, there was a nasty "hot" smell coming from one of the brakes.

Sunday night we got a second offer on our house.

Today, I took the van to a local shop to get a brake inspection so that we could have documentation of how bad the dealership screwed up. The mechanic took apart the brakes more than Michael had and found some more issues... and I ended up needing parts for everything to be put back together safely...

This afternoon Kara was here... and my grandma and cousin and her baby came over for a little while. And then Alyssa and Nora (our newest niece) came over for a little while.

This evening we signed the offer we accepted and our Realtor has it almost ready to send to the bank in the morning....

Michael and I have a plan of "attack" for the van and the "wonderful" dealership...

Sunday, April 8, 2012

13 Months Old

Emily and Kyle are walking, running, and climbing. They are into everything! They love to play outside and when we are inside, they like to look outside through the windows.

We are down to two bottles a day of breast milk, one in the morning and one at night. In the afternoon, the toddles have a sippy cup of whole milk. They seem to have adjusted just fine to the whole milk. Once we are all settled in and back on a routine, we will start to transition away their two bottles.

Our schedule is pretty much the same as it was last month. As we settle into a new routine with Brent's new work schedule and stuff, I'm sure their schedule will be adjusted a little bit.

Emily and Kyle are best friends. They love to play with each other and give each other kisses. They are getting better at sharing toys, and trading toys. When they aren't playing together, they are normally curious what the other one is doing. They love to wander around and follow each other around.

Kyle and Emily have gotten very good at letting us know what they want. They smack their lips when they are hungry or want a drink. They will point and make noise if there is something they want and can't reach it.

  • Emily is still wearing mostly 6 month clothes. Some of the dresses are starting to get too short for her, but other than that, everything still fits her well.
  • Emily has two teeth.

  • Kyle is wear some 9 months and some 12 months clothes. It depends on what the clothes are... he's too long for some 9 months, but the 12 months are still kind of big on him.
  • Kyle has six teeth.

We Moved!

Kyle and Emily wanted to make sure that we didn't forget them in Delaware...

Reading a book with Grandma before everything got loaded up in the truck!

Boxes, boxes, and more boxes.

We have the truck and are ready to load!

Making progress...

Ice cream cake once everything was in the truck!

Thursday we loaded up the truck and Friday we drove ALL day! We left Delaware around 6:30am and got to Williamston around 8:30pm. The toddles did very well in the car. I also got to drive the moving truck once we got into Michigan... and I backed it into my parents driveway!

Saturday morning we signed out lease and started moving everything into our townhouse.

Grandma helped by playing with Emily and Kyle.

We have a lot of stuff unpacked and put away already. Once we get rid of all the boxes, I will post some better pictures of our townhouse.

Thank you to all of you who helped us move out and move in! We have amazing family and friends!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Not So Sure What's Going On...

Over the past week (specially this past weekend) we've gotten serious about the whole packing thing. Throughout last week, I packed when I had the chance and Brent's Mom was here this weekend to help us pack. Thanks to Mom we pretty much have everything, except the stuff we need for the next couple days, packed in boxes... and we have boxes all over our house. The other exception is Emily and Kyle's toys and stuff in their room. I've packed up some stuff from their room, but I have been trying to keep it as "normal" as possible in there for them.

Emily and Kyle know something weird is happened and they aren't too sure about it. When they first saw the packed boxes, they didn't really like them. Now they try to play with the boxes.

Last week we were having issues with Kyle eating too much at meals and making himself puke. I asked the doctor about it and he said it's probably emotional because he knows something is going on, but isn't sure what and the amount of food he eats is something he can control.

On Saturday night, Emily spend most of the night in our bed cuddling with me. I don't think she felt very good, but I also wonder if there was an emotional component to it. She would sleep as long as she was snuggle close to me, but as soon as she wasn't touching me she would wake up and scream.

Last night was Kyle's turn. He slept in bed with us for several hours, but was just tossing and turning and keeping both of us awake.

Poor toddles... I think I could help them understand that we are all going to Michigan and all of our stuff is going too! Hopefully we won't have any more screaming in the middle of the night and this week will go quickly so we can establish a new "normal" and the toddles can relax!