Wednesday, March 28, 2012

One Down Two To Go

Yesterday we finally gave Emily and Kyle a full sippy cup of just Whole Milk! Kyle drank most of his and Emily drank about half of hers! I think we are officially down to just two bottles of breast milk a day!

The past week or so Emily hasn't been eating for drinking as much as normal. I think it's because of her ear infection. Last night at dinner she ate a ton and she did well with breakfast this morning, so I think she is finally getting her appetite back.

We are going to leave things as they are bottle wise for now. We'll keep giving Emily and Kyle their morning and bedtime bottles of breast milk for another couple weeks. Once we getting settled in Michigan and adjusted to a new home and a new work schedule for Brent, then we'll start working on replacing the other two bottles. I don't want to throw too much change at them at once.

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