Thursday, March 8, 2012

12 Months Old

Emily and Kyle are a year old! It's hard to believe!!

Emily and Kyle are eating pretty much everything Mommy and Daddy are eating. Most days we eat cheese quesadillas for lunch; Emily and Kyle both get very excited when they see their "dia" and LOVE them. They also love yogurt (as long as it doesn't have fruit in it) and bananas. They will pretty much eat anything they can shove in their mouths... as long as its not too cold.

Schedule wise... we are pretty much the same as we were a month ago.

  • Normally around 6am, Emily and Kyle drink a bottle
  • Sometime between 7am and 8am Kyle and Emily wake up for the day.
  • Breakfast is at 8:30
  • Between 9:30 and 10am Kyle and Emily drink a bottle and go down for naps
  • Lunch is normally between Noon and 12:30, whenever Emily and Kyle wake up from their naps
  • After lunch, if it's nice outside, we take a walk and then play
  • At 2:45 we eat snacks
  • After snacks, Kyle and Emily drink a bottle and then play until 3:30 when they go down for naps
  • Emily and Kyle normally wake up between 4:30 and 5:30
  • Dinner is between 5pm and 5:30 depending on when they wake up
  • After dinner we play until about 6:30 and then do baths
  • Between 7pm and 7:30, Kyle and Emily go to bed for the night
We are still using bottles. When we get home next week, we are going to take away their afternoon bottle of breastmilk and give then a sippy cup with whole milk during lunch or snack time. Once we've made that transition, we'll start to work on their morning bottle and then their night time bottle. 

Play time for Kyle and Emily has become very fun to watch as they have really started to play with each other. They are learning to share toys and to trade toys. They also love to push each other around on their cars. Emily and Kyle love to play with balls. We have lots of different kinds and they seem to love them all. They talk to each other and it sounds like they are actually having conversations. They like to give each other kisses and hugs. They follow each other around and it tends to be "monkey see monkey do" in our house.

We've played outside a couple times and enjoyed the warm weather. Kyle and Emily both like to eat grass and leaves.

  • Emily is still wearing 6 month clothes
  • Emily blows kisses... and gives wet and slobbery open mouth kisses
  • Emily giggles very easily and it is very contagious
  • Emily is starting to have Mommy Separation issues
  • Emily can match the shapes on the bug and click them into their spots
  • Emily's favorite foods seem to be carrots and Cheerios, but she will eat pretty much everything you put in front of her
  • Emily loves to walk and explore new places
  • Emily says "mama", "dada", "gampa", "boda" (brother), and a few other words. 
  • Emily knows who Mommy, Daddy, Kyle, and Aunt Kara are. She also recognizes a lot of other people she knows... like Grandparents and friends.
  • Emily knows her names and responds to it most of the time.
  • Emily has one tooth!
  • Kyle is wearing 9 month clothes
  • Kyle loves to give Mommy, Daddy, and Emily kisses... he sometimes blows kisses
  • Kyle has an old man giggle that he makes you work to get
  • Kyle seems to love everyone and takes the lead in social situations to let Emily know its okay
  • Kyle seems to be a little bit of a picky eater compared to Emily, but loves his veggies and is generally a good eater
  • Kyle has mastered walking... But walks like a drunk when he's tried. It's funny :)
  • Kyle says "mama", "mom", "dada", and a few other random words
  • Kyle know who Mommy, Daddy, Emily, and Aunt Kara are. He also recognizes faces other people he knows... like Grandparents and friends.
  • Kyle knows his name and responds to it most of the time.
  • Kyle has five teeth!
  • Kyle is helmet free!!
Here we are a year ago.... 

It's hard to believe they are no longer our tiny little babies. They have grown up into wonderful and amazing little TODDLES and are truly a gift from God!

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