Friday, February 3, 2012

Sippy Cups = Fun Toys

The past week or so has been a struggle with getting Emily and Kyle to use sippy cups. They like to play with them... and every once in a while will try to drink from them. Emily does do better than Kyle, but they both struggle.

I was getting frustrated, so I started doing some research about transitioning from bottles to sippy cups. It made me feel better... and gave me some ideas.

Emily and Kyle still had gift cards from Christmas, so we bought two different kinds to try.
We got a 3-1 bottle/sippy cup. It was two different nipples (a bottle nipple and a sippy cup nipple) and can have handles if you want it to. The babies seem to do okay with the bottle nipple. The idea is to get them used to drinking from the cup with the bottle nipple and then switch. So we'll give it a week or so with the bottle nipple and try to switch.
We also got some "big kid" sippy cups... ones that if you tip them upside down, what's inside just comes out (the babies don't have to suck). We've been using these for water at meals and they seem to do okay with them... but they do make a wet mess.

We'll keep at it... hopefully in another five weeks (when the babies turn one!) we'll be bottle free!

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