Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Look! It's a Baby!

Our friend Autumn came over last night with her parents for dinner. While they were here, they found out that Autumn's daycare would be closed today. I offered to babysit Autumn today... 

Emily and Kyle have played with Autumn before, but Autumn is normally sitting in Lindsey's (her mommy) lap. When Kyle and Emily woke up this morning, Autumn was already here... and her mommy was already gone.

Emily had to check her all out. She's a little bit bigger than Emily... I think Emily was trying to figure out why she wasn't crawling and walking around with her and Kyle. Autumn is only four and a half months old...

Kyle really didn't care too much at first.

After naptime, Emily checked Autumn out again. 

Emily finally decided that Autumn was okay and that they could play.

Kyle even joined in on some of the fun.

After lunch, I put a playmat with hanging toys in Kyle's crib and laid Autumn on it to play. I wanted to keep her safe from my curious toddlers... Kyle didn't seem to care too much, but Emily didn't want to take her eyes of Autumn.

Emily was playing pee-a-boo with Autumn. They both were giggling. 

Kyle decided he would take advantage of the empty Bumbo seat....

Emily came over to tell him that he wasn't sitting in it the right way.

Finally got it :)

Now he could go check out what was going on in his crib...

Emily was telling Aunt Kara all about her friend Autumn and the fun they were having.


We had a fun day playing with our friend!

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