Saturday, January 7, 2012

What A Long Week!

It's been one of those week that feels never ending....

Tuesday morning Brent started to get a headache, but figured it was from not having any caffeine, so he drank some pop hoping it would just go away. It started to get worse as the day went on. Tuesday night, Brent hardly slept (which means I also hardly slept) because he was in so much pain. Wednesday morning, I canceled my physical therapy and the babies and I took Brent to the medical aid unit (if you know Brent, you know it's REALLY bad when he actually wants to go to the doctor). They didn't really give us much of an explanation for his headache, but gave him a shot of pain meds and told us that when the meds wore off, if he head still hurt to go to the ER.
Brent pretty much slept all day on Tuesday from the pain meds. Around 4:30, they finally wore off and Brent's headache was back and worse than before. I called our friend April to see if she could come stay with Emily and Kyle while I took Brent to the ER.
The ER wasn't much fun.... but we didn't have to wait too long considering it was the ER. Once we got there and got him all checked in and stuff, it would only about an hour before he Brent was put in a room. When they doctor finally saw him, she was kind of clueless as to what might be causing the headache. He wasn't really having classic migraine symptoms, but that was their best guess. They gave him some migraine meds through his IV, but they didn't really help a whole lot, so they gave him some other pain meds. They were talking about doing a spinal tap to make sure that he didn't have a bleed or meningitis, but then decided against it because the pain meds seemed to be working. After he was able to keep down some crackers and ginger ale, they sent him home with an Rx for migraine meds and told him to follow up with his PCP the next day.
We got home around 11:30pm and Brent went right to bed. I washed bottles and diapers and pumped, and then went to bed. Around 3:00am, Brent woke up and his headache was back. He tried to take a bath to see if that would help and I looked online to find a 24 hours pharmacy... but there isn't one close to us and the roads were really bad. Also around this time , Kyle and Emily decided they were hungry... then after they ate their bottles, Kyle decided that he wanted his mommy... and would not stop crying if I put him down. So I sat in my chair and rocked with Kyle for about an hour and once I thought it was sound asleep, tried to lay him back down in his crib. But as soon as I let go of him, he woke up and started screaming.So I brought Kyle into bed with us and we all slept on and off until about 6:00, when Emily woke up. The babies and I played for a while, while Brent tired to sleep. A little before 8:00am I went to the pharmacy to get Brent's Rx filed. When I got home, he took his me and went back to bed.
Brent had an appointment at 2:15 with his PCP. Our friend April came back over to watch Kyle and Emily, so we didn't have to take them with us. Brent's PCP was also kind of clueless as to what was causing the headache. He said to keep taking the Rx that the ER doctor gave him and ordered a CT of his head. Our insurance requires a prior auth for the CT, so it is scheduled for Tuesday so that the prior auth can be done. (The ER doctor should have really done a CT so that we wouldn't have had to wait for a prior auth because if it's done through the ER, one isn't needed.)
We got home shortly after the babies woke up and they pretty much clung to me for the rest of the day until they went to bed.
Brent had his Skype interview Thursday night with the church in Ann Arbor. The interview went really well! After his interview, we washed bottles and I pumped early and we went to bed early... or at least tried too. I was so tired, I had trouble falling asleep. It around about 11:30 before I actually fell asleep, and then around 2:30, Kyle woke up screaming. He wasn't hungry, he just wanted to cuddle. I sat and rocked him for about an hour and he finally was sleeping soundly enough that I was able to lay him back in his crib. It was also 4, but the time I was able to fall back asleep. Then at 5:00, Emily woke up and was hungry. So I pumped, fed the babies and then they both went back to sleep. Around 6:00, I went back to sleep, but had to wake up at 7:00 for physical therapy. Brent said that he and the babies woke up around 8:15.
They took a good morning nap yesterday, but did not take an afternoon nap. Luckily, when Brent got home from work he was feeling okay enough that he could play with Kyle and Emily while I took a short nap before Kyle's physical therapy. I took both babies with me to Kyle's appointment so that Brent could take a nap before having to work again last night.
Last night at dinner Kyle and Emily were little piggies and ate a ton. Then when they went to bed, they both drank their whole bottles that I put an extra ounce in. I was very excited that they ate so much and hoped that meant they would sleep through the night. I ate dinner, washed diapers and bottles, finished folding laundry and putting it all away, pumped, and then climbed into bed. As soon as I feel asleep, Kyle and Emily both started screaming. I made them bottles and Emily sucked hers right down and Kyle wouldn't take his. They were still crying and both just wanted to be picked up. I ended up bring them to bed with me after they cried for about a half an hour. They were both almost asleep, then Brent called to say he was on his way and that woke them both back up. When Brent got home, he got Kyle to drink his bottle and we put the babies to bed. Brent took another bath to see if it would help his headache, and shortly after he got out of his bath, both of the babies were crying again. They came to bed with us for a bit, but wouldn't lay down. Finally around midnight I got more milk for them and they finally went to sleep. They both woke up at 6am this morning and have been awake every since. They are currently in their cribs and staying there until lunchtime (noon) or if they fall asleep, I'll let them sleep until they wake up!

So... please pray for us. Brent's headache still hasn't gone away. It's tolerable now with the medication, but he still isn't feeling up to par and isn't sleeping great. I woke up this morning with a headache and am exhausted. I'm pretty sure my headache is just from the messed up schedule we've had this week and from being so tried.
Also, please pray with us about the church in Ann Arbor. The senior pastor called Brent yesterday and told them they are interested in pursuing him further. The next steps involve a theology discussion, called Brent's references, and a visit. We are praying about it for a couple days, and then we'll go from there.
We still haven't heard back from the church in Ohio yet, but are also still praying about that ministry as well.

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