Monday, January 2, 2012

Welcome 2012

The first two days of 2012 have been pretty low key for us. Brent had to work on New Years Eve, so we didn't make any plans. He got home from work about 10:00pm and we went to bed! 
We went to church yesterday morning, then came home, ate lunch, took naps, and enjoyed time together as a family.
Today Brent had to go into work early, and it's Monday, so he went to both jobs today. Emily, Kyle, and I hung out at home and played. We had a couple visitors stop by to drop stuff off, and Daddy played with the babies for a little bit when he was home in between jobs. 

Here are a few of the pictures we have taken so far this year....

Emily's favorite spot when playing in her room.... she likes to reach into her crib and play with Lilly. She's  only  allowed to play with Lilly in her crib... otherwise I don't think we would ever get Lilly away from Emily!

The normal sight Mommy finds after nap time! Two very happy babies!

I was trying to take pictures of Kyle and Emily... and Kyle just wanted to sit in my lap!
The rail in Kyle's crib... thanks to his new teeth :(

At one point they had a clean room.... that is, until they got out of their cribs took everything off the shelves again.
The new toy shelf. It's in the closet so that Mommy and Daddy can decide how many toys Kyle and Emily get to play with.... until they figure out how to open the closet doors, then we will have to come up with a new idea!

Other updates...
The offer that we thought we had on our house fell through. When the people originally made the offer, they didn't realize that it was a short sale. At first they said they were still on board, but when it came down to it, they backed out because of the short sale.
Brent has a Skype interview with the church in Ann Arbor on Thursday evening.
We are still waiting to hear something back from the church in Ohio. They told Brent we should except to hear something in the first couple weeks of Jan.

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