Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Bye Bye Bottles??

The goal is to be done with bottles by the time babies are a year old, right??
We have about a month and a half until Kyle and Emily are a year old, so I figured we probably should start the process...
We have been giving Emily and Kyle sippy cups for a while for just water or a little bit a juice mixed with water. They mostly just play with them, but we very good about getting the right part in their month... and chewing on it. The past couple weeks Emily has really started to drink out of the sippy cups, but Kyle mostly just chews.
Normally after lunch Emily and Kyle drink part of a bottle, play for a little bit, and then finish their bottles. I figured this bottle would be the easiest to get rid of and replace with a sippy cup first. So today I put their milk in sippy cups....
Emily drank about half of it and then went to play. Kyle drank a little bit and then just chewed on it. A little while later, Kyle was trying so hard to get his milk out and was just getting frustrated. I felt bad for him and gave in... I put the rest of their milk in bottles and they both sucked it right down.

We will try again tomorrow...

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