Sunday, January 8, 2012

10 Months Old

The block pictures are getting harder and harder to do. As soon as Kyle and Emily see the blocks, they attack them. And when we give them the rest of the blocks to play with, they only want to play with the ones we need for the pictures. I am going to do my best to keep up with their weekly pictures until they are a year old and their monthly pictures until they are two years old, but we'll see. 

Right now our schedule is as follows...

  • Around 6am (when the babies decide to wake up) Kyle and Emily have a bottle. Sometimes they go back to sleep for a little while and sometimes they are ready to get up and play.
  • 8:30am - Emily and Kyle eat breakfast. Normally some sort of oatmeal or cereal along with some fruits and puffs and yogurt melts
  • 10am - nap time
  • Noon - Kyle and Emily eat lunch. Normally a veggie, a cheese quesadila, and a fruit, along with puffs and yogurt melts
  • 2pm - nap time
  • 3:30pm - Kyle and Emily have a snack. Normally just yogurt melts and watered down juice (1 oz juice with 5 oz water) out of sippy cups
  • 5:00pm - Emily and Kyle eat dinner. Normally some sort of meat, a veggie, and a fruit, along with puffs and yogurt melts
  • 5:30pm (or whenever we are done eating dinner) - Bath time
  • 6:30/7:00pm - After bath time, Kyle and Emily get pj's on and play until they start to get sleepy. When they get sleepy, Kyle and Emily get on Monkeys (sleep sacks) and lay in bed drinking their bottles while we read the Bible to them and pray... and then they go night night.

Kyle and Emily are starting to move away from baby foods and eating more and more table foods. We can normally get them to eat some baby food if we throw some puffs on their trays to play with and eat... and then we sneak spoonfuls of food in their mouths. So far they have eaten cheese quesadilas, bananas, grapes, chicken, turkey, carrots, apples, mashed potatoes, pancakes, and normally have a bit or two of whatever I eat for lunch. 


  • Emily loves to stand up and walk. She mostly walks holding on to furniture and toys and walls and whatever else she can grab on to. Everyone once in a while she takes steps without holding on to anything. Emily would prefer to walk over crawl; if she wants something on the other side of the room, she looks around and figures out how she can get there walking along things instead of crawling. 
  • Emily is starting to figure out how to stand without holding on to anything. She'll stand for a couple seconds and then once she realizes it, she'll plop down on her bottom.
  • Emily loves to talk. She says "mamama" and "dadadada" and "bob" often, along with other babbling sounds. She loves to pat her mouth while making noise and blow raspberries.
  • Emily LOVES Lilly (her lovely). Lilly stays in Emily's crib and as soon as Emily gets in her crib, she begins to search for Lilly... and as soon as she finds Lilly, Lilly goes in Emily's mouth. Emily has also been known to steal Mr. E (Kyle's lovely) and suck on him as well. When Emily is playing in their room, she loves to stand at her crib and try to get Lilly out. 
  • Emily loves to look at books. She'll sit and flip through the pages of board books... and she also likes to eat them.
  • Emily is starting to really enjoy bath time. She likes to play with bath toys and loves to splash.
  • Emily has been very clingy to Mommy the past several weeks. As soon as she sees Mommy, she walks/crawls over to her and tends to not stray very far. 
  • Emily does not have any teeth yet. 
  • Emily can pick up finger foods and get them in her mouth.
  • Emily loves to wave at everyone! And she gets upset if people don't wave back at her. She has also learned how to give high fives.
  • Emily is mostly wearing 6 month clothes.


  • Kyle is constantly on the go! He crawls everywhere and pulls himself on up everything. Kyle loves to get into anything and everything!
  • Kyle likes to crash into things.... it's a good thing he has a crash helmet! When he doesn't have his helmet on, he still crashes into everything. When he crashes, you can kind of see his though process of "oh yeah, I don't have they thing on my head and that hurts"... it's doesn't really stop him, but it's kind of funny to watch him realize it.
  • Kyle loves to talk. He is always making noise. He says "mama" (and knows who Mama is!), "dadada" and other babbling noises. Kyle likes to pat his mouth while making noises. He loves to play with his lips and make noises. He also has gotten good at the "kissing noise" and gives kisses while making it. 
  • Kyle loves to stand in his crib and bounce.
  • Kyle loves to play with books. He mostly chews on them, but will sometimes sit and look through the pages of the books.
  • Kyle has three teeth! Two on top and one of the bottom! She has discovered it hurts to bite himself. Luckily he hasn't bit Emily yet.
  • Kyle loves to put food in his mouth. He also loves to play with the food once it is in his mouth. I think he is curious of the different textures.
  • Kyle LOVES bathtime. He loves to splash and play with the cup we use the rinse the babies. 
  • Kyle is starting to figure out how to wave and give high fives. 
  • Kyle has been clingy to Mommy for the past couple weeks.... even to the point of waking up in the middle of the night and just wanting to cuddle with Mommy. 
  • Kyle is mostly wearing 9 month clothes.

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