Tuesday, January 31, 2012

47 Weeks Old

Monday, January 30, 2012

Another One!

Kyle now had four teeth! Two on top and two on bottom :)

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Play Time

A Ministry, House, and Health Update

Sorry I've been blow with updates about the "boring" stuff (aka- stuff that doesn't really have to do with Emily and Kyle).

We heard back from the church in Ohio. They hired someone else. The pastor told Brent that he was very impressed with him and would recommend him to anyone...
The church in Ann Arbor told Brent that he is in their "Top 2", but that wanted to only focus on one candida at a time and they had already started talking to the other guy in the top 2, so they were going to pursue him first. I was stalking the church website and the other guy is being presented to the church the first weekend in February. They are also voting that weekend, so I'm guessing we should know something about where we stand the following week.
Brent is still sending out his resume and search for churches to apply to.

We have officially been approved for a short sale and are now in "Phase 2" of the process. From my understanding this is where we stay until we have an offer or too much time passes. If too much time passes, then we have to sign our house over to the bank in lieu of foreclosure.

Brent is feeling all better. His CT results came back negative - meaning everything looked good. I think the best guess was to what was causing the headache was a sinus infection
I've decided for the time being I do not need to go back to see the neurosurgeon for my back. I'm feeling good for the most part. If I move just right or twist funny, it really hurts. I still am having some muscle soreness, but it is way better than it was and I am for sure having more good days than bad day. I am still using heat and my TENS unit, so that helps.
Emily and Kyle have been congested and had a cough for about two and a half weeks. It doesn't really seem to be getting any better or any worse and it doesn't really seem to bother them (except for the constant sucking their noses). If they are still the same on Monday, we're going to make an appointment with the doctor.

Please keep on praying for us!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Bye Bye Bottles??

The goal is to be done with bottles by the time babies are a year old, right??
We have about a month and a half until Kyle and Emily are a year old, so I figured we probably should start the process...
We have been giving Emily and Kyle sippy cups for a while for just water or a little bit a juice mixed with water. They mostly just play with them, but we very good about getting the right part in their month... and chewing on it. The past couple weeks Emily has really started to drink out of the sippy cups, but Kyle mostly just chews.
Normally after lunch Emily and Kyle drink part of a bottle, play for a little bit, and then finish their bottles. I figured this bottle would be the easiest to get rid of and replace with a sippy cup first. So today I put their milk in sippy cups....
Emily drank about half of it and then went to play. Kyle drank a little bit and then just chewed on it. A little while later, Kyle was trying so hard to get his milk out and was just getting frustrated. I felt bad for him and gave in... I put the rest of their milk in bottles and they both sucked it right down.

We will try again tomorrow...

Monday, January 23, 2012

Swimming in a Pool

Grandpa brought Aunt Katie and Uncle Trevor to come play with us over the weekend. They stayed in a hotel near by that has an indoor pool, so we took Emily and Kyle swimming. They have been swimming in the Atlantic Ocean and in Lake Michigan... and they didn't enjoy either of those very much. But they LOVED their first time swimming in a pool!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Mommy is Done With Therapy

Yesterday was my last physical therapy appointment!
I still haven't decided yet if I need to make another appointment with the neurosurgeon. I'm thinking I am going to wait another week and see how I feel before deciding.

Kyle is Almost Done with His Helmet

Yesterday we had an appointment with the helmet people for Kyle. His measurements all looked good, so the helmet man told us to schedule an appointment with the neurosurgeon in about a month and as long as he says everything looks good, Kyle should be done with his helmet.
We go see the doctor on February 22, and the helmet man will come meet see the doctor with us. And hopefully that day we'll be done with the helmet!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Emily Walking

Emily's Black Eye

Emily got her second black eye today... Her first one was a couple months ago from Kyle bopping her in the face with his helmet. Today, Emily fell over Aunt Kara and bonked her eye on the footstool... poor baby girl.

Matching Jammies

Aunt Janette made us matching jammies for Christmas! This is the first time we've all had them on at the same time. We had some sleepy babies and were having a hard time getting a "nice" picture, but here are the best of what we got.