Friday, December 28, 2012

A Busy Day: Snow, Two Doctors Appointments, Dinner with Friends, Hospital Trip

Yesterday, Kyle and I both had doctors appointments in Lansing, so we headed to Lansing bright and early with Brent. We dropped Brent off at work and then headed to Grandma and Grandpa Franks' house.

We played for a while and looked at the snow outside.

We were cheesers when Grandpa took lots of pictures!

Great Grandma Johnson came over for a little while. We played and we opened our presents from her!

Then we went outside to play in the snow! Emily HATED the snow! Kyle LOVED the snow!

Emily would only stand in the store for a couple minutes and then wanted to be picked up. She hung out with Mommy most of the time we were outside. She was afraid of Grandpa and Kyle because she thought they were going to get snow on her.

Kyle ventured off and played in the snow. He sat in it and rolled in it and played with it. He even played with snow balls!

After lunch, I headed to my OB's office for my 34 week prenatal visit. Colby's heart rate was 147 bpm. I lost two pounds in the past two weeks, but my belly grew, so there wasn't much of a concern. I passed a kidney stone on Sunday, and it appeared that all was better from that. Everything checked out all good!

Later in the afternoon, Kyle had his appointment for his echo. There was some emergency at the office, we they were 45 minutes late taking him back for his test. Grandma and Grandpa were with us, and both kiddos did great playing with all the toys in the waiting room and not getting impatient! Once we finally got back, Kyle did great. His was a little squirmy when he got tickled, but for the most part laid still and the tech was able to get all the pictures and measurements he needed of Kyle's heart. We should get a cal next week with the results. 

We then met Tommy, Allie, and Parker for dinner at Five Guys! Emily was crazy about Parker. As soon as she saw him, she knew who he was and wanted to play with him. It was nice to be able to hang out with them for a little bit... we used to hang out often and haven't very much since we moved to Ionia.

By the time we left Five Guys, neither Brent nor I felt very good. I drove half way home and had to stop to throw up... then Brent drove the rest of the way home. Once we got home, we both were feeling pretty miserable. We got the kids to bed, and I called the on call doctor at my OB's office because pretty much everything I had eaten all day had been puked up at that point. The doctor told me I needed to go to the hospital. Brent stayed home with the kids to sleep so that he would hopefully feel better, and I drove to the hospital and my parents met me there. After waiting forever, I finally got put in a room and they started an IV to treat me for dehydration and hooked me up to monitors to make sure all was well with Colby. After LOTS of fluids and some anti-nausea drugs in my IV, I was finally starting to feel better. The doctor was pretty sure that I (and Brent) had food poisoning. There is some bug going around, but neither of us had a fever, so she didn't think it was that. Finally around 6:00am this morning, I was discharged and headed back to my parents house to sleep for a while.

I am exhausted, but am feeling better. Brent is still not feeling very well... hopefully soon we will both be back to normal. And hopefully the doctor was right that it was food poisoning and Emily and Kyle don't get sick too!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Day

We had a long day.... Kyle woke up a little after 5:00 am and Emily woke up a little after 6:00 am. The kiddos both came to bed with us when they woke up... and we all got out of bed a little before 7:00 am.

We celebrated Christmas as a family here at home. Brent read the Christmas story from Luke and acted it out with the kids' naivety set. Emily and Kyle sort of paid attention... and sort of played with Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus. The opened their presents from us (some books). One of the teens in our youth group made them stuffed elephants, which they opened as well.

After we were done with our own celebration and got everything ready, we headed to Grandma and Grandpa Franks' house.

When we got to Grandma and Grandpa's house, we kept the kids out of the living room and ate breakfast. After breakfast, Emily and Kyle were very excited to go into the living room and open presents!

Kyle enjoyed helping Grandma open her presents too!

Emily pretty much opened her presents... and played with her stroller...

Emily and Kyle got a tool bench. I'm pretty sure it will compete with their new kitchen for their favorite new toy!

They got a fire truck with a jaws of life in it.

The kiddos their tool bench, a stroller for their dolls, the fire truck, a learning piggy bank, some books, some puzzles, new jammies, a Little People garage, and more...

Colby got his dresser! And a toy. 

All three kiddos got shirts... Emily's says "Big Sister"... Kyle's says "Little Brother"... and Colby's says "Littler Brother"... and they all say "Team Eubank" on the back.

Mommy and Daddy got new pots and pans, clothes, shampoo, conditioner, laundry detergent, and more...

Emily and Kyle tried on Grandpa's boots... They were pretty much as tall as Kyle's legs... and I'm pretty sure Emily's keep were not at the bottom of the boots!

We played for a while and then cleaned up. Around lunch time, Grandpa Franks' brother and his family came over. We ate lunch and then the kiddos went down for naps! The adults did a gift exchange and hung out for a while.

Later in the afternoon, Grandma Franks' sister and her family came over and Aunt Lois and Uncle Bill. We opened gifts from them... the kiddos got some more toys, books, clothes, and a few other things. Kyle helped pass out presents and did a very good job not opening presents as he handed them out to people.

We left shortly after dinner and came home for baths and bed time! Both kiddos were VERY sleepy! 

Daddy brought everything in from the van and Mommy got pretty much everything put away! 

As much fun as we have had with family the past couple days, we are looking forward to a quiet day at home tomorrow with just Mommy and the kiddos! We wish Daddy could stay home and play too, but he has to go back to work!

Christmas With the Carys

Yesterday we celebrated Christmas with the Cary clan. We had a yummy lunch, hung out for a few minutes, opened presents, and then headed home for nap time before church. We wished we could have stayed and hung out longer, but Kyle and Emily REALLY needed naps before church.

Kyle loved the fact that he didn't have to wait in between presents. (We opened all of ours first so that we could leave!)

Emily and Kyle got new milk cups and new snack cups! They got books and puzzles and some vroom vrooms (cars) and clothes.

One of the books they got has a key that opens pages. They got this book after nap time and LOVED it! They already got the book taken away because they wouldn't stop fighting over it! Hopefully they will share better when they get it back tomorrow.

(Sorry... I didn't take any pictures...)

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas With the Johnsons

Yesterday afternoon we celebrated Christmas with Grandpa Johnson, Uncle Trevor, Aunt Katie, Aunt Kara, and Ian (Aunt Kara's boyfriend).

Emily and Kyle enjoyed opening more presents. They were sitting in the living room for an hour or so and both kiddos kept looking at them and pointing to them. They were excited when we finally let them open the presents.

Emily and Kyle got a bunch of food to go along with their new kitchen. They enjoyed playing with all of it and pretending to eat the food and feed people.

Emily also enjoyed playing with a talking giraffe app on Aunt Kara's phone. She got all excited and was making crazy faces... apparently, Mommy was making crazy faces back at her!

Kyle had fun helping Grandpa take pictures!

We had a fun afternoon opening presents, eating breakfast for dinner, and playing!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas With the Eubanks

Last night we had our first of several Christmas celebrations with the Eubank clan.

Emily and Kyle enjoyed opening presents. Every time Grandpa picked up a present to hand out Kyle asked "KyKy?" It was pretty cute... but I'm pretty sure he's missing the real reason for Christmas.

The kiddos' big gift was a play kitchen! They were very excited when they opened the box. After we got home last night, I put the kitchen together so they could play with it this morning.

Brent put it in their bedroom when they were cuddling in bed with me and we managed to keep it from them until we were both ready to go in to play with them. Their reaction was pretty cute!

And they haven't wanted to play with anything since....

Kyle did have to have a time out already though... he didn't want to share with Emily and pushed her over.

They also got a wagon, Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head, Play-Doh, puzzles, clothes...

We have decided we are only going to give Emily and Kyle one new toy at a time... hoping that we get spread out the fun of all the new stuff! I'll try to post pictures along the way as we give them new toys!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Bedtime Adventure

Wednesday nights are typically a little crazy because stuff at church doesn't start until 6:30 or so... and we normally start getting Emily and Kyle ready for bed about 6:30. They have done amazing well. The same couple are in the nursery with them every Wednesday night and they are normally the only kids there. Emily and Kyle LOVE playing with Dan and Cathy... they even have started calling them Grandma Cathy and Grandpa Dan. I'm 100% sure that its because they love them so much that we don't have much of an issue staying up past bedtime on Wednesday nights.

Last night was the teens' Christmas Party at church... so it was a little bit longer than our normal Wednesday Night. The kiddos hung out in the nursery until their normal time, and then Mommy took the kiddos home for bed while Daddy stayed for the remainder of the party!

The kids and I got home last night about 8:45 or so (which is about normal for a Wednesday night). We had already picked up toys before we went to church, so we just needed to do baths and our normal bed time routine. Baths are a little bit of a challenge by yourself with two toddlers... and even more so when you're almost 8 months pregnant.. but we managed and got two clean kiddos. I got Emily and Kyle dried off, diapered, covered in lotion, and into jammies without too hard of a time. Then we read the Bible... and then got monkeys (sleep sacks) on... just like normal. Then we prayed... Emily and Kyle sort of prayed like they normally do...then I started the pray... and that's when the excitement started...

Kyle was sitting in my lap and Emily next to me and everyone was content. Then Kyle started bouncing up and down in my lap and Emily decided she wanted to join him. As Emily threw herself in my lap, Kyle decided to throw himself back into me to keep Emily out. This resulted in Kyle's head hitting me square in the nose... hard enough that it made him cry... and my nose bleed... and me cry...

Kyle was upset because his head hurt and he realized that he hurt me... Emily was upset because there was LOTS of blood and because I was crying. I was trying to calm them down... and calm myself down... and not get blood everywhere... I'm guessing it probably would have been pretty funny to watch...

After about ten minutes, I finally stopped bleeding... and got the kids to calm down and I got them in bed. It may have been the longest 10 minutes of my life (and that include the 10 minutes or so we spent waiting for the ambulance to come when I broke my back)! It was craziness!

I'm pretty sure Kyle broke my nose. It's bruised and hurts to wear my glasses... and my eyes are too puffy to put my contacts in... my whole face is pretty much throbbing and as been since last night... But my nose is still straight, so there is nothing a doctor would do besides give me something for the pain, so I'm not going to go... unless things get worse...

And poor Kyle knows that he hurt me. The first thing he said to me this morning was "orry mama, love you" and gave me kisses....

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Kyle's Cardiology Check Up

Yesterday Kyle had a check up with his new cardiologist. 

He got measured and weighed like normal. He was completely dressed and weighed just over 23 lbs... but he had a pretty wet diapers, so I'm guessing he's somewhere around 21.5 naked. Again, I don't remember how tall he was! (Grandpa weighed Emily and she was just over 19 lbs... completely dressed and with a wet diaper.)

The nurse took Kyle's blood pressure. He sat very still and did a great job! 

The the nurse did an EKG on the little guy. Again, he laid very still and did great! He didn't even try to pull the leads off!

He did try to help Mommy and the nurse take the stickies off once the EKG was done!

Kyle did amazing sitting still while both the resident and the doctor examined him!

The doctor said everything appears to be the same with his heart as it was at our last visit with Kyle's cardiologist in Delaware. He explained that the hole may still close up, so it just may stay the same. If it stays the same, it's not a big deal. If it closes, we just will have to monitor that the new tissue that would form won't affect his aortic valve. It sounds like we still just have to follow up once a year unless there are any specific concerns.

The doctor does want to do a baseline echo (ultrasound of Kyle's heart). I was told when we made this appointment that if he needed an echo, Kyle would have to be sedated. Yesterday the doctor told us though he thought we could try without sedation because Kyle did such a good job sitting still. So, we have an appointment scheduled for next Thursday to get the echo done and are hoping and praying that Kyle will do good laying still so that he won't have to be sedated!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

32 Week Prenatal Appointment

Yesterday I went back to the doctor. The most exciting part about the visit was that we ALL went... My appointment was at 4:30, so it was just easiest to let Emily and Kyle take naps at home and we left when they woke up and Brent met us at the doctors office.

Everything with Colby went really well. His heart sounded good (I forget what she said his heart rate was). My belly is measuring right on track (no longer big). My blood pressure is nice and low.

We talked a little bit about contractions because I'm still having them regularly... But as long as I rest, they go away. In the last two weeks, the closest they have been in 15 minutes apart and not TOO painful. This morning I was having contractions about 10 minutes apart for a little bit, but once Emily and Kyle let me rest for a little bit, they stopped.

Colby moves... and moves.. and moves.. Until I feel like letting someone touch my belly to feel him moving.. and then he stops!

I'm feeling okay... just very pregnant. I'm to the point where I am having a hard time finding comfortable positions to sit in and sleep in and having a hard time breathing at times. Comfort wise though, just having one baby in my belly is WAY easier than having two! Energy wise... I think I had more energy and wasn't as exhausted all the time when I was pregnant with Emily and Kyle. When I was pregnant last time, I sat in front of a computer at work and then sat on the couch at home.... this time I am chasing around two toddlers by my self most of the day... But then end is in sight (and by the end, I mean the beginning of extreme exhaustion for a while!).

My dad bought us Colby's crib for Christmas and it came in last week. I set it up over the weekend. It's the same crib that Emily and Kyle both have and will turn into a toddler bed when we are ready.

We are slowly working on getting his room set up... We have most of the furniture, so it's mostly just figuring out where I want to put stuff... and finding places for the other stuff that is currently stored in his bedroom.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

21 Months Old!

I know I say it every month, but it's hard to believe Emily and Kyle are 21 months old! That means in three short months they are going to be 2 years old! (And in two months they are going to have a baby brother!!)

Emily and Kyle amaze me every day with how grown up they are and how much they are learning!

On December 1st, we traded out highchairs for booster seats! At first we had them sitting next to each other... which wasn't our best idea. They kept stabbing each other with their forks and stealing food off each other's plates. Once we switched them to opposite sides of the tables, meal time went a lot better! They seem to love sitting at the table with us! They also love to play with their seats and try to climb in them when it's not time to eat..

Every night as part of our bedtime routine, we read the Bible and pray with Emily and Kyle. They know that once we get on monkeys (sleep sacks), that's its time to pray. Most of the time, they will both stand in front of us and fold their hands. Kyle has started to pray pretty much every night. He says "Dear Jesus, Thank You (list people... normally Mommy, Daddy, KyKy, Sissy, Olby, Grama, and Grapa), In Jesus Name, AAAAAAmmen!" It's pretty cute. The last week or two, Emily has started to pray some, but normally just stands there with her hands folded.

Emily and Kyle love each other and enjoy showing their love to each other. They hold hands often when walking up and down the hall or when they are in their stroller. They cuddle each other. They give each other hugs and kisses. Kyle sometimes gets a little rough when hugging and kissing Emily and it turns in the tackling... and she's not so much a fan of that. When one of them is hurt or upset, the other one is normally pretty concerned and rubs the upset one's back and tries to help them feel better.

We started doing Time Outs a couple weeks ago instead of always spanking or slapping hands. It seems to be working. Most of the time if they do something wrong and they are told to go to Time Out, they will walk down and hall and sit in time out (in front of Mommy and Daddy's bedroom door). Kyle normally sits and pouts until he's told to get up and Emily gets very upset any time she gets in trouble. The only real issue we are having with Time Out is that if Kyle is put in Time out and is very upset, then Emily also wants to go sit in Time Out with him to make him feel better. 

Last week at our WIC appointment, Emily weighed 18 lbs 6 oz. She is in both the 3rd percentile for her height and weight (I don't remember how tall she was...).

One of Emily's favorite things to do is to spin in circles. She does it often... specially when she's really sleepy and is being silly. She will spin and spin until she falls over... then get up and spin some more!

Emily LOVES cell phones. She loves to play with them, taking pictures with them, and call people on them. On my phone, I have quick dials on one of my screens... she knows that if she touches Grandma's picture, that she will get to talk to Grandma. If you get a weird phone call from Brent or I, most likely it's Emily!

Emily finally has some more teeth! She's been working on cutting six teeth since the end of September and five of them have finally broken through! So she is now up to nine teeth and working on her tenth!

Emily likes to study things and figure them out. Before she attempts to do anything new, you can see her looking and trying to figure out exactly what she is going to do before she tries. If she tries something and doesn't succeed at first, she gets very frustrated (I wonder where she gets that from?). 

At our WIC appointment last week Kyle weighed 21 lbs 6 oz. I don't remember his height either, but he was in the 13th percentile for his weight and the 33rd for his height... so he's tall and skinning like his daddy!

Kyle is constantly in motion. He loves to run and spin and climb and jump and dance around. In the rare moment he is sitting still though, he does like to cuddle!

Kyle just does stuff. He doesn't think before he tries to do something, he just jumps right in. If he takes him multiple tries to figure out how to do something, he doesn't care. He normally will keep on trying until he accomplishes his goal.

Kyle is now tall enough that he can open closet doors. He has been able to open regular doors for a while, but in the past month he has figure out how to open the folding closet doors. It's sometimes helpful... as he will open their bedroom closet door to put away dirty clothes and the hall closet to get out shoes when it's time to go. But it also means he can get into closets....

Shortly after we moved back to Michigan we started letting the kids watch a few shows on PBS (we really try to limit their screen time though!). Kyle's favorite show is The Cat in The Hat! Whenever Kyle wants to go somewhere... or when we are going somewhere... he says "Go Go Go" just like the "Go Go Go on an Adventure" song from the show. When we watch the show, he sings right along with the Cat, Nick, and Sally!