Tuesday, December 27, 2011

We Got Spoiled for Chirstmas

This was the babies room this morning after I unpacked most of their new toys.... It looks a little better now, but we have a toy shelf on the way to help us keep a little bit organized!

Emily and Kyle got lots of new toys! They love baby dolls and anything that makes noise. They got two stand up and push toys... and other ride of toy (we already had one). They got lots of books (which they love to eat). They got car toys... and bath toys... and balls... and stuffed animals... and blocks...a little people nativity set... cool handmade lawn chairs...a double umbrella stroller (which we've had for a couple weeks)... wipes...and lots of clothes!

Mommy and Daddy made out pretty well too! We got some games... some candy... some clothes... some Christmas decorations... Daddy got a new Bible... a Michigan Puzzle... a new camera... new tires... and several gift cards...

We had a wonderful trip back to Michigan. Brent and I enjoyed spending time with out families... the babies enjoyed spending time with family too... as long as they could sit and people and people didn't try to pick them up every two minutes. The car ride was okay, the babies did better than I expected.

It's bittersweet to be back home. We are glad to be back in our own home and get back into our routine of things... but we wish that home was closer to our family and that our routine of things involved full time ministry and not Daddy working two jobs... but we'll take what we can get for now :)

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