Tuesday, December 13, 2011

One Door Shut... Maybe A Couple More Open

A while ago I wrote about a possible ministry opportunity at a church about 20 minutes north of where we currently are living. Brent had breakfast with the senior pastor and was excited about that, so we went to visit the church. We enjoyed our visit at the church and enjoyed getting to know the senior pastor and his wife a little bit. We visited their youth group and loved the fact they had a great group of teens. When we left the church on Sunday night, we were excited about it. We prayed that God would make it clear to us if this is the church He wants us at or not.

When we got home, Brent had an email from a church in Michigan that said after reviewing resumes, they had chosen him as one of the men they would like to continue to consider for their youth pastor position.

The next morning, Brent had an email from a church in Ohio that pretty much said the same thing.

Over the next week, we continued to pray that God would make His will clear to us about the church out here. Brent talked to a couple Godly men to seek their advice and when it came down to making a decision, we decided that the church out here is not where God is calling us. It was a great opportunity, but we were hesitant to pursue it farther because we weren't "jump up and down" excited about the church. So, on Sunday, Brent emailed them to let them know how we felt.

Today the church in Ohio emailed back and would like to do a phone interview with Brent.

Please continue to pray with us as we seek God's will for our next step in ministry.

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