Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A Back Update

I've been going to physical therapy for three weeks now. I go Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings before Brent goes to work. I start out with heat, e. stim., ultrasound, and massage. Then do some stretches and exercises.
The first week was great.... I was feeling better and better and was able to do more and more. Last Monday afternoon however, I started to hurt pretty bad again. On Wednesday at therapy, they just had me do the first stuff and none of the exercises to see if that would help. I felt better again until Wednesday afternoon... and it's kind of been the same thing since. I feel better for a little bit after they loosen everything up, but then within a couple hours, I am in pain again. They are trying to get an at home e. stim. machine approved by my insurance; I should have an answer about that by Friday. This morning, they told me that I had swelling again around my broken vertebra - which could be causing my pain and the numbness and tingling in my arms. So I'm supposed to be doing ice and heat to try to help with that.
I don't go back to the doctor again until the 20th... so hopefully I will be okay until then.

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