Thursday, December 8, 2011

9 Months Old!

These pictures are getting harder and harder to take... Kyle and Emily just want to play with the blocks. Tonight we tried to be sneeky and not let them see the blocks... I kind of worked :)

Can you believe they are already 9 months old?? In some ways it seems like it was only a couple weeks ago that we were in OB triage thinking they were going to send us home when the nurse said "It's time!"

  • Kyle loves to move! He's crawling (finally off of his belly) everywhere! He pulls himself up on anything that he can and loves to crawl into people's laps.
  • Kyle eats pretty much anything you put in his mouth... except stage 3 chunky food (he throws that up). He really likes yogurt melts and puffs. He sometimes can get them in his mouth, but most of the time he still needs help.
  • Kyle is wearing a few 3-6 month clothes still, 6 month clothes, and a few 6-9 month clothes. Mostly all of his pj's that fit him right now are 6-9 months.
  • When Kyle is upset or wants something he says "Mom! Mom! Mom!" It's kind of cute... for now at least. 
  • Kyle's head is still a ZERO! We still aren't sure how much longer he will be wearing his helmet, but he has a nice and round head! 
  • Kyle is almost done with physical therapy. We go back the first week in January and as long as all is still well, he will be discharged from physical therapy!


  • Emily loves to move! A couple weeks ago, she started to crawl backwards... and today, she started to crawl forward! Emily loves to pull herself up on whatever she can and walk (holding on to something of course). She is ready to... she is just scared to stand up or walk without holding on to something. 
  • Emily loves fruits and orange/yellow veggies. She tends to make gaggy faces if we try to give her peas. Emily likes the yogurt melts and sometimes likes puffs. She likes to play with them, but hasn't figured out yet how to get them into her mouth. 
  • Emily is wearing mostly 3 month clothes still, but all of her pj's are 3-6 months. She also has a couple 6 months outfits that she wears... even though they are a little big on her. 
  • Emily loves to talk! Her most common words are "Dad" and "Bob".... every once in a while we get a "mama"... and lots of other random noises. 
  • Emily loves bath time. She loves to splash and play with the duckies! 

We go to the doctor on Tuesday for their nine month baby well visits, so next week I'll post an update about with their weights and lengths and all that other fun stuff.

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