Thursday, November 17, 2011

We Got A Big Ol' Zero!

Kyle went today for a helmet adjustment. As always, they did his head measurements... and the difference between the right side and the left side... ZERO! We were told when we got the helmet, that most of the time they can get it to 1/4 inch difference, but not to expect much more than that! So a ZERO is pretty much amazing! Kyle has a perfectly round head!

There seems to be some questions about how much longer Kyle is in the helmet. We have been told three different things by three different people. First we were told that he would only be in the helmet for a couple weeks after his head was "fixed". Then we were told that once his head was "fixed" he would only wear the helmet at night. And today we were told that he would keep wearing it until his first birthday. We got back again in three weeks for another adjustment, so we'll see what they say then and also schedule an appointment with the neurosurgeon to get the official answer!

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  1. YEAH!! I think I worked my special-rub magic last weekend. :]