Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Mommy Went to the Doctor

I had my follow up visit for the neurosurgeon today. My back looks "good." The fractures are not any worse, which is what we were hoping for. Apparently, the doctors can't tell at this point if they are any better, so the doctors look for the fractures not to be any worse... I guess that kind of make sense :)
The treatment plan for now is to

  • wear my brace less. He explained that when I wear my brace, it holds my back straight and stuff and doesn't allow my muscles too. So I need to start wearing my brace less so that my muscles will start doing their job again.
  • go to physical therapy three times a week for six weeks. I start next Monday.
  • still follow the rule "if it hurts, don't do it"
I'm doing okay picking up Kyle and Emily and carrying them around the house. I have a little bit of trouble getting them in and out of their cribs, but I have figured out ways to make it work. I still can't carrying the babies in their car seats, so if I have to go somewhere by my self, I will have to put the seats in the car and then put the babies in their seats. 

The other big thing that happened today.... the babies had a babysitter! They have stayed with grandmas a couple times while they have been sleeping, but we have never left them with anyone during the day before while they were awake and active! Our friend April (who has lots of experience with multiples) babysat for us while Brent was at work and I went to the doctor. The babies did well... and mommy too (I didn't have any problem leaving them)! Kyle was still awake when I got home and was very happy to see me. And Emily had a big smile on her face when she woke up from her nap and saw me! That made my day :)

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