Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Ministry Door Open?

One day last week Brent got a phone call from the pastor at a church about fifteen minutes from us. Their church is looking for a new youth pastor and the pastor was given Brent's name. He asked if Brent would be willing to send him his resume and cover letter. Brent e-mailed it to him and a little while later, they had a breakfast meeting set up.
This morning Brent had breakfast with the pastor and really enjoyed talking to him; getting to know him a little bit and getting to know a little bit about the church and the ministry that takes place there. The pastor asked if we would come visit the church on Sunday to see what it's like and if it's a place we would be interested in serving. 
Please pray for us and we explore this possible opportunity and seek to see if it's God's will or not. 

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